DoCS students may apply for a travel stipend for both visits to other research groups and for trips to conferences, workshops and seasonal schools. There is no specific deadline for submitting travel stipend applications in 2017. However, the stipend should be applied as early as possible before the trip, and well in advance, if the application concerns a long research visit.

NOTE: All the travel arrangements, either you get a DoCS travel stipend or not, have to be made according to the regular travelling rules of the University of Helsinki. Annual daily allowances for different countries you can find, for example, at the Finnish Tax Administration's pages (paragraph 13). DoCS is going to cover only reasonable travelling costs!

Application procedure

Agree on the trip with your supervisor, and fill carefully in your application on the travel stipend application web form (in the eForm system of the UH) as early as possible before the trip. Remember also to agree with your supervisor on the funding for those expenses that are not covered by the possible DoCS stipend.

After filling in the application form, the eForm system will send your supervisor an e-mail on the submission (a copy of the e-mail is sent to you, too). That e-mail asks your supervisor to send a recommendation for your trip to the DoCS coordinator at latest a week after the submission of the stipend application. You can also remind your supervisor to send the recommendation in time. The applications are not processed without the recommendation letter from the supervisor.

When both the application form is filled in, and the supervisor’s recommendation has been submitted to the DoCS coordinator, the application is sent for the steering group of the DoCS programme that will make a decision on the stipend. The DoCS coordinator will then inform you and your supervisor on the decision.

When you have got the decision on the travel stipend, you can make a travel request according to the instructions available in Flamma. The DoCS coordinator will give instructions on which wbs number you should used in the travel request. 

Funding criteria

The steering group of DoCS decides on the stipends. The decision may be based on

  • how many stipends the student has received during the current year (typically, a student is only granted one stipend per year);
  • the funds available for the current call for applications;
  • how the event is related to the doctoral studies and the thesis work of the student (especially in the case of the seasonal schools); and
  • the student's contribution (should have a contribution (paper, poster) in the event for which he/she applies for a stipend and he/she should present the paper/poster himself/herself, and the contribution should also produce one of the publications of the dissertation).

More information

If you have any questions on the DoCS travel stipends, please contact the DoCS coordinator.