Call for applications for Salaried positions in DoCS

The 2017 call for salaried positions in DoCS for 1-4 year period starting in 2018 is now open (official calls in Finnish, Swedish and English). The call will be closed on the 14th of September, 2017. In this call, there are two open positions, one funded by the University of Helsinki and one by the Department of Computer Science.

You can apply for a salaried position in DoCS, if one of these cases apply to you:

  1. You are already a doctoral student in DoCS, or
  2. You are not yet a doctoral student in DoCS, but you have a committed supervisor within DoCS.

Note that it is not possible to apply for a salaried position, if  you do not have a supervisor within the DoCS programme.

Submitting applications

All applications must be submitted online, using the electronic recruitement system of the University of Helsinki. Applications sent through any other means will not be processed. The applications must be submitted by the 14th of September, 2017.

Note that you can start in a salaried position only after you have a doctoral study right in DoCS. You can apply such a study right a parallel admission session with the salaried position in September, or during a later admission period (for example, in November). More information on this admission process is available under Admission process in the DoCS programme.

Application material

The application material consists of

  1. an electronic application form to be filled in (Note that internal applicants, i.e., people currently employed by the University, can use the Recruitment Service through the SAP HR portal on Flamma), and
  2. a set of compulsory attachments.

Instructions for filling the electronic application form can be found here

Remember to fill in all the sections of the questionnaire, i.e., 1) Doctoral studies and thesis, 2) Research plan (given as an attachment), 3) Supervisors, 4) Academic Merits, 5) Previous and current funding, and 6) Current application.

Remember also to fill in the cover letter part of the application form, i.e., the motivation letter, where  you should about your motivation for the salaried doctoral candidate position as well as for pursuing a doctoral degree.

The attachments that are required for the DoCS application are the following:

  1. a research proposal (4-5 pages) following the University of Helsinki Research plan outline (including a mobility plan schedule and a funding plan),
  2. a study plan and schedule,
  3. a complete Curriculum Vitae describing education and employment history,
  4. a list of names, positions, affiliations and e-mail addresses of at most 3 senior academic people available for providing recommendation letters upon request from DoCS, 

  5. a copy of the master's degree certificate (or a plan for its completion),

  6. a study transcript (i.e., transcript of records) that lists studies completed and grades achieved by the end of August 2017, as well as an indication of the grading used, and
  7. a verification of language skills in English, if applicable (see information on the options of verifying your language skills in English).

The master's degree certificate and the study transcript can be in Finnish, Swedish or English. All the other attachments should be provided in English.

Please, provide attachments 1-4 (i.e., your research proposal, study plan, CV, and the list of potential recommenders) as a single pdf file. Note, do not write your research plan in the electronic application form, but include it as a part of the attachment.

Supervisor's recommendation

In addition to the application (with attachments above) submitted by the applicant, the (potential) supervisor of the applicant must submit a recommendation letter. This letter is submitted via the eForm system of the University of Helsinki at The deadline for submitting the supervisor's recommendation letter is on the 20th of September, 2017 at 23.59 EEST (UTC+3). It is the responsibility of the applicant to take care of that recommendations are sent by the deadline.


The applications will be evaluated based on the applicant’s performance in their previous studies, recommendations by the supervisor(s), research achievements and publications (if such exist), suitability of the research topic within the programme, and the quality of the research proposal and study plan.

The decisions will be announced on these web pages by the beginning of December 2017. The applicants and their supervisors will also be informed on the decisions by e-mail.

More information on the call

For further information on the doctoral candidate positions, please contact Research Coordinator Pirjo Moen ( or phone +358 2941 51389). 

Technical support for using the recruitment system is available at rekrytointi(at)

salaried positions in DoCS

Currently, DoCS has 13 salaried PhD positions, one of which is shared by two doctoral students. In Call 2016, the positions were given to Jarno Alanko (3 years, 1.1.2017-31.12.2019), Ibbad Hafeez (4 years, 1.1.2017-31.12.2020), Chen He (4 years, 1.1.2017-31.12.2020), Anna Kantosalo (2 years 9 months, 1.1.2017-30.9.2019), Juho Leinonen (4 years, 1.2.2017-31.1.2021), Andreas Niskanen (4 years 1.1.2017-31.12.2020), and Sezin Yaman (1.5 years, 1.1.2017-30.6.2018). These positions are funded by the University of Helsinki, the Faculty of Science, and the Department of Computer Science. In addition to the DoCS positions above, one DoCS student has a position funded by the Research Foundation of the University of Helsinki (Helsingin yliopisto Tiedesäätiö).


Statistics on the applications for salaried positions in DoCS in different years is given below. Note that one of the accepted students in Call 2015 has a position funded by the Research Foundation of the University of Helsinki, and one of the DoCS positions is shared by two students.

Applications for salaried positions in DoCS 2013 2014 2015 2016
# Applications 69 138 88 69
- Female 11 15 15 17
- Male 58 123 73 52
- Finnish 11 17 9 12
- Foreign 58 121 79 57
# Accepted 2 2 5 7
- Female 1 0 0 3
- Male 1 2 5 4
- Finnish 2 2 2 4
- Foreign 0 0 3 3