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The studies in the DoCS programme consists of a doctoral thesis, scientific studies, and studies in transferrable skills (see details under Degree structure in the DoCS programme).  

The DoCS programme does not provide any regular courses, but it can organise intensive courses, seminars and guest lectures that are typically held by international guests. The DoCS programme organises for its doctoral students an annual PhD seminar that is a compulsory part of the studies.

More information on the PhD seminar and all the courses organised by the different education programmes and the Doctoral School in Natural Sciences for each academic year you can find from the WebOodi Course Catalogue Service or the My Studies pages.

    The DoCS programme organises annually different kinds of events for its doctoral students and their supervisors. These include, for example, meetings of the DoCS supervisors and pizza seminars of the DoCS students.

    The DoCS programme also takes part in arrangements of different workshops and summer schools together with its co-operation networks and other actors in the area of interest.

    Pizza events in Spring 2019

    The traditional Pizza events of DoCS are organized every two-three weeks. This spring the dates are January 25th, February 15th, March 8th and 22nd, April 12th and 26th, May 17th.

    PhD Summerfest

    The Chancellor of the University of Helsinki Kaarle Hämeri invites all doctoral candidates to PhD Summerfest on Thursday June 6th, 2019 from 6pm to late. The event is intended as a relaxed congregation with good food and drinks, dance music and mingling along your fellow doctoral candidates in the best summer opening party ever, with special program designed by the doctoral candidates!

    Check you email for more information and registration.

    Here is a list of courses by DoCS and the Master's Programme in Computer Science and Master's Programme in Data Science. You can also take courses in other programmes if they support your dissertation work.

    Courses by DoCS

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    Courses in computer science and data science

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    More information about courses and events organized by DONASCI can be found here.

    Courses by DONASCI

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