Courses and events

CHEMS can provide financial support to intensive courses, workshops and conferences that are within the CHEMS research fields and benefit CHEMS students. During 2018 the courses/workshops/conferences organized by CHEMS supervisors are: 

16.-17.4.2018 Radiation in the environment - Scientific achievements and challenges for the society

24.-25.4.2018 Finnish Pharmacological Society, FinMedChem & Finnish Peptide Society joint symposium: Medicinal Chemistry Meets Pharmacology

28.-29.5.2018 Computational Chemistry Days 2018

28.5.-8.6.2018 Microfluidics and nanotechnology for pharmaceutical sciences

6.6.2018 Seminar on Proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometry and optical frequency comb spectroscopy

13.-24.8.2018 Molecular Structure: Theory, Methods and Models

19.-22.8.2018 International Workshop on Biological Membranes: Tiny Lipids with Grand Functions

10.-13.12.2018 Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry: Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry

7.-8.6.2018 CHEMS Summer seminar

14.12.2018 CHEMS Christmas seminar

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