Courses and events

CHEMS can provide financial support to organize intensive courses, workshops and conferences that are within the CHEMS research fields and benefit CHEMS students.

Courses organized by CHEMS. More information on the courses can be found from WebOodi.
Course code Course name Credits
CHEMS-001 CHEMS seminars 1-2
CHEMS-002 Book exam 1-6
CHEMS-003 Other elective field-specific studies 1-10
CHEMS-004 Seminar on synthetic chemistry 3

The courses/workshops/conferences organized by CHEMS supervisors are: 

Events organized in 2020

Courses, workshops, conferences and other events organized in 2020.
CHEMS-001 CHEMS summer seminar August/September 2020 CHEMS

Industrial analytics using optical techniques


Toni Laurila
Postponed to 2021

Phd Course/Workshop: Microfluidics and nanotechnology for pharmaceutical applications


Tiina Sikanen

ASC Winter School: Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry

2.-6.3.2020 Vladimir Aseyev
  Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry: Quantum Computing for Chemistry 14.-17.12.2020 Dage Sundholm

Events organized in 2019

Courses, workshops, conferences and other events organized in 2019.
  Basics of X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy -workshop 3/2019 Risto Koivula
  Next Generation Strategies and Insights on Large Molecule Characterization: Wyatt User Meeting Helsinki in April 2019 4/2019 Vladimir Aseyev
  Organometallic lab course 5/2019 Timo Repo
  EuCOMC XXIII 6/2019 Timo Repo
  HOM in Helsinki 6/2019 Theo Kurtén
  Search for novel polymer materials 8/2019 Heikki Tenhu
  In Vivo Animal Imaging: Methods and Applications 12/2019 Anu Airaksinen
  Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry 12/2019 Dage Sundholm
CHEMS-001 Chems summer seminar (pdf) 5-6.6.2019 CHEMS
CHEMS-001 CHEMS winter seminar (pdf) 16.12.2019 CHEMS

Events organized in 2018 

16.-17.4.2018 Radiation in the environment - Scientific achievements and challenges for the society

24.-25.4.2018 Finnish Pharmacological Society, FinMedChem & Finnish Peptide Society joint symposium: Medicinal Chemistry Meets Pharmacology

28.-29.5.2018 Computational Chemistry Days 2018

28.5.-8.6.2018 Microfluidics and nanotechnology for pharmaceutical sciences

6.6.2018 Seminar on Proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometry and optical frequency comb spectroscopy

13.-24.8.2018 Molecular Structure: Theory, Methods and Models

19.-22.8.2018 International Workshop on Biological Membranes: Tiny Lipids with Grand Functions

10.-13.12.2018 Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry: Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry

7.-8.6.2018 CHEMS Summer seminar (pdf)

14.12.2018 CHEMS Christmas seminar (pdf)

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