Salaried positions

The call for doctoral candidate positions with university funding will open on this page.

Other ways of funding a PhD project is a salary paid by the supervisor or a personal grant from a private foundation applied by the doctoral candidate him/herself. Doctoral candidates may also fund their studies themselves or pursue their degree in tandem with work.

More information about funding at

You can apply for the position if you have not yet graduated. In this case, a relevant academic degree (MSc, MD or equivalent) in a field suitable for their thesis project should be completed and obtained before the starting date, but no later than 14.2.2019. Please notice that the electronic application form asks you to download a copy of the degree diploma (MSc, MD or equivalent). In you do not yet have obtained the degree diploma, you can download an empty pdf-page.

In addition to the electronic application form, a signed letter of commitment from the supervisor(s), who have agreed to supervise your thesis is needed, if you do no yet have a study right. The letter of commitment has to attached to the electronic application form.

Please notice that the research plan has to written in English.

The board of the programme evaluates the applications. Candidates may be interviewed before selections.