HYMY Travel Grant

Payment of Travel Grant for Doctoral Candidates 2019

The travel grant can be paid either as A) a conventional allowance for travel expenses for work-related travel or B) as a grant.

A recipient can be an employee of the University of Helsinki or someone working outside an employment relationship. If the person is an employee of the University of Helsinki, the travel grant received will be paid as a conventional allowance for travel expenses. BUT if the person is not an employee of the University of Helsinki, the travel grant received will be considered as a grant. A grant recipient must acknowledge the travel grant in his or her taxation and claim deductions from the taxation, if applicable.

The practice as to how to prepare the travel request and make travel arrangements depends on grant recipient’s status at the university.

A. If you are an employee of University of Helsinki

Prior to the trip

All employees of University of Helsinki must follow University of Helsinki instructions for travelling.

All travel grant recipients must draft a travel request prior to their trip. Travel insurance is valid only if the traveler has submitted a travel request. Please follow these instructions, and do not submit the Payment information in Aava.

1) Submit the travel request before the trip in SAP. Instructions found here.

2) Please add to ”Comment” –section of travel request form an information about awarded travel grant, e.g. ”Travel grant for Doctoral Candidates, spring 2019”.

3) Assign travel costs to your own doctoral programme under the Cost assignment tab. Indicate on the tab the travel grant WBS code of your own doctoral programme. A list of these codes can be found from the decision e-mail (sent to you) and at end of these instructions.

4) All University of Helsinki employees must book flights via CWT travel agency (please see https://flamma.helsinki.fi/en/HY370825). If you wish, you can book your accommodation via CWT (+ 358 205 615 635 / university.fi@contactcwt.com) as well. More information about CWT.

5) While booking, please inform that you are using Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences travel grant for the trip. CWT will send the invoice to the university.

6) The rest of the travel grant will be paid to you after the trip based on travel expense report. Please remember to retain all receipts, tickets etc. related to the trip.

After the trip

1) Submit the travel claim in SAP. The travel claim must be submitted within two months from travel.

2) In case you haven’t already filled in the information about the awarded travel grant to the travel request form, please add it to add to ”Comment” –section of travel claim, e.g. ”Travel grant for Doctoral Students, spring 2019”.

3) In case CWT has sent your travel cost invoice directly to the University, please add this information to the ”Comment” –section. Please write here the price of your flight as well.

4) Please do not enroll bookings made via CWT as cost in travel claim, as University has already paid these costs.

5) Please attach scanned copies of all documents related to your travel costs to the travel claim. In other words, remember to retain all receipts, tickets etc. Please attach the conference program to the travel claim as well. If possible, please attach all documents as one PDF-file.

Please note:

Daily (per diem) allowances are not paid within the travel grant. However, you may apply for meal benefit if:

  • the duration of your trip is 1 to 5 days. If your trip is longer than 5 days, meal benefit will be paid for 5 days.
  • the destination of travel is not Helsinki
  • meals are not included in the conference fee
  • Your faculty, research project etc. will not pay you daily allowances

The amount of meal benefit is 21 € per weekday. Receipts are not needed. Meal benefit is only paid from working days. Since meal benefit requires travel request in SAP, it’s possible to pay the meal benefit only to University of Helsinki employees.

6) The remaining part of the travel grant will be paid to you after the travel based on travel claim, once the invoice is accepted.

B. If you are not an emplyee of University of Helsinki

Prior to the trip

1) Fill in the payment information in Aava (tab “Payment information” after sign in). Please note that the earliest possible payment date is the last workday of the following month.

2) The travel grant will be paid to your bank account once your grant application is processed. The payment cycle of grant is relatively long, so please submit the payment information well before your trip.

4) You must take care of all the travel arrangements and flight and accommodation bookings yourself, and pay the costs by using the travel grant you have received. Remember to retain all receipts, tickets etc. in case you need them for taxation.

Please note, that when travelling with grant (as non empoyee of UH), you don't have travel insurance of any kind from the university. Please take care of insurance yourself as you see necessary. 

After the trip

1) In case you have received a travel grant, you don’t have to give an account or report of your travel and it’s cost.

2) In case you will not use the travel grant awarded to you, see below for instructions.

Costs covered by travel grant

The travel grant can be applied to cover travel costs, accommodation expenses and participation fees of a scientific travel.

The grant is paid as a single payment, and the university will not pay additional daily (per diem) allowance or travel allowance.

Travel cancellation

Travel grants are awarded upon application for a specific trip and must therefore be used for this purpose, unless special grounds dictate otherwise. If your original trip is cancelled, report this immediately to the doctoral school at hymy-doc@helsinki.fi. The doctoral school decides whether you will be allowed to use the travel grant for other academic travel abroad or have to refund the grant.

Refunding an unused travel grant

If you are not an employee of the University of Helsinki and a travel grant paid to you as a grant remains entirely unused, the unused travel grant must be refunded. In this case, please contact hymy-doc@helsinki.fi.


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