Graduate SPIRIT

Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences is part of a consortium - coordinated by the Erasmus Graduate School of School Sciences and the Humanities (University of Rotterdam). The objective of the project is to improve PhD training.

Graduate SPIRIT (Graduate School Programme for International Researchers and Interdisciplinary Training) will provide an inventory of best practices in doctoral schools with respect to PhD candidates, staff, curriculum and organisation.

In addition, the project will test a number of innovations regarding international interdisciplinary and intersectoral training. The goals is to create a 'blueprint' from which doctoral schools can select and implement elements according to their needs.

The philosophy behind the project is the strong need for European doctoral schools to have more adequate instruments for stimulating, organizing and managing interdisciplinary and diversity in doctoral training.

Currently, best practices are very fragmented and hard to find for individual doctoral schools. In addition, doctoral schools increasingly draw an international PhD community and need to understand the cultural challenges that come with such diversity.

The outcomes of the project will enable the participating universities to better comply with the so-called third cycle of the Bologna process, by defining key elements that benefit the success of PhD trajectories. Bologna III asks for universities in the European education area to assess their doctoral training programme based on the same descriptors as the BA and MA programmes.

Participating universities:

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam (coordinator, Netherlands)
  • Central European University (Hungary)
  • Heidelberg University (Germany)
  • Leipzig University (Germany)
  • Loughborough University (United Kingdom)
  • Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
  • KU Leuven (Belgium)
  • University of Helsinki (Finland)
  • Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University (France)

For more information, please see Graduate SPIRIT website: