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Upcoming courses and events for the students of the Doctoral Programme in History and Cultural Heritage.

History and Cultural Heritage Summer School

The doctoral programme for History and Cultural Heritage organizes a yearly summer school for doctoral students in late August or early September. The summer school is meant for doctoral students in all stages of their research and it will focus on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary questions in the areas of history, culture, and cultural heritage from methodological and thematic angles. The summer school consists of lectures and working in groups, and reading pre-assigned materials. Each participating doctoral student should provide a working paper beforehand to be discussed in the work groups.

Start your dissertation!

The doctoral programme for History and Cultural Heritage organises a workshop every spring for doctoral students who are in the early stages of their dissertation work. The workshop consists of joint sessions on questions specific to the early stages of dissertation work, and smaller group sessions discussing each participant's research plans.

Participants are expected to provide a short research plan (3 pages) about a week before the event. The research plan should focus on a question or an issue that is the most topical one for you at the moment. In addition to the research plan, you should provide a disposition of the doctoral thesis and a short report on the current stage of your dissertation work.


The doctoral programme organizes Hoffice days for communal writing. The idea of the Hoffice day is to have 45-minute independent working periods and 15 minute breaks. In the beginning of the day everyone can tell their day's aim to others. During the breaks, you can present questions to the colleagues and the supervisor of the day. There will be time for questions also at the end of the day. The Doctoral Programme provides a lunch and a smoothie. Think of your aims for the day, take your laptop, and and come and write together with your peers!

General Competence Courses

Courses organized by the Doctoral School for Humanities and Social Sciences

The course catalogue for the doctoral programme is available in WebOodi.