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Examples of journals where SKY supervisors and doctoral candidates publish or would like to publish (in alphabetical order)

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  • Read the instructions.
  • Word limits are word limits. Don’t bother to ask for more words, you’ll just embarrass yourself.
  • Politics of open access (some funders demand that you publish in open access journals – what level of open access is the journal? Go for green!)
  • Citation Practices (Male authors are cited more often than women. Pay attention to who you cite. Do you cite non-western authors?).
  • Article-Based PhDs. The length of the synopsis can be up to 60,000 words. Is it beneficial to do so? Is it less work?
  • Language of Publication… Support other languages than English. It is important to keep publishing in local languages.
  • You need a reason to publish, not because you must, but rather because you have something to say and contribute to the debate.
  • Patience and perseverance. It’s not a quick nor an easy process. You can send a follow-up email but do not hound the editors.
  • You can disagree with the reviewers. If you feel the reviewer has completely missed the point of your paper, you can ask for it not to be sent back to that reviewer.
  • Spend time responding to the reviewers. Go methodologically through the reviewers’ points, respond on a point-by-point basis. This helps with the editor too and, if you are convincing, this can help to avoid a second round of reviews.

SKY Doctoral Students

Updated 5.11.2020

Arts = A
Educational Sciences = E
Law = L
Social Sciences = S
Theology = T

Alanko, Vilja: Mothers and Daughters: Stories of Feminine Becoming in Early Christian Hagiography. Supervisors: Outi Lehtipuu and Elina Vuola. New Testament Studies, T.

Aldrin Salskov, Salla: Acts of Homonationalism: Understanding Racilization in Finnish/Nordic LGBTIQ Politics. Supervisors: Tuija Pulkkinen and Elina Oinas. Gender Studies, A.

Ali, Ali: The Self, Lost and Found in Multiple Belongings and Exclusions. How Muslim LGBTQ migrants’ experiences of expatriation in Finland affect their perceptions of self. Supervisors: Elina Oinas and Magdalena Kmak. Sociology, S.

Alin, Ella: Relationships at the Intersection of Gender and Race: Deconstructing Whiteness in Multicultural Finland. Supervisors: Elina Oinas, Eija Ranta and Veronika Honkasalo. Sociology, S. 

Ameen, Suzy: Honour and Ownership – A Study of the Contestations Surrounding Egyptian Women’s Bodies in Private and Public Spheres. Supervisors: Mulki Al-Sharmani, Kuura Irni, and Elina Oinas. Gender Studies, A.

Czigány, Katinka: Production and Reproduction – A Feminist Analysis of the Populist Discourse and its Historical Context in Hungary and Austria. Supervisors: Emilia Palonen, Anne Holli and Katja Kahlina. Political Science, S.

Gorbachov, Nikolai: Conscription and homosexuality: gender and sexuality within the system of the compulsory military service in Belarus. Supervisors: Marianna Muravyeva and Alexander Kondakov. Russian Studies, A.

Gregersen, Sofie Skovfoged: White identities in an egalitarian society: an intersectional study of gender, race and 'colorblindness' in the Nordics. Supervisors: Josephine Hoegaerts, Saara Kekki and Leonardo Da Costa Custodio. Area and Cultural Studies, A.

Haggrén, Heidi: Kollektiivisen edunvalvonnan ja sosiaalisten sitoumusten väliset jännitteet. Sairaanhoitajien järjestäytyminen 1945 -1971. Supervisor: Pauli Kettunen. Political History, S.

Haikonen, Iris: Aikakauslehti maailmankuvan rakentajana. Supervisors: Lotte Tarkka and Satu Apo. Folklore Studies, A.

Harju, Otso: Daughter-Mother relationships and the reproduction of gender and class in urban India. Supervisors: Elina Oinas and Tuija Pulkkinen. Gender Studies, A.

Heinonen, Anna: Intimate Relations in Finnish Communes. Supervisors: Elina Penttinen and Anna Moring. Gender Studies, A.

Heimonen, Mona: The Politics of Trans Belonging: from Contesting the Dominant Arrangements of Trans Visibility to Envisioning New Futures of Trans Citizenship. Supervisors: Mervi Pantti, Anu Harju, and Julian Honkasalo. Media Studies, S.

Helosvuori, Elina: Assisting Life. Infertility at Clinics, Peer Support Groups, and in Everyday Lives. Supervisors: Mianna Meskus and Ilpo Helén. Sosiology, S.

Hirvonen, Meri-Tuuli: Dancehall Made Me Do It. Supervisors: Päivi Berg and Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti. Social Psychology, S.

Huttunen, Katriina: The Ethics and Politics of a Touristic Vaccine Trial: Producing Knowledge and Other. Supervisors: Salla Sariola and Elina Oinas. Sosiologia, S.

Hyvönen, Henri: The Meaning of Self-care that Increases Occupational Well-Being in Men’s Lives. Supervisors: Marjut Jyrkinen and Jukka Lehtonen. Gender Studies, A.

Hyytinen Johanna: Ambigious voices in Kaija Saariaho's opera "Only the Sound remains". Sensing the voice and the body producing the voice. Supervisors: Pirkko Moisala, Milla Tiainen and Laura Wahlfors. Musicology, A.

Joki , Milla-Maria: Caring About Cats. A Feminist and Critical Analysis of Rescuing Cats in Finland. Supervisors: Kuura Irni and Touko Vaahtera. Gender Studies, A.

Joutseno, Astrid: Cybermoms in the grips of creativity: narratives of motherhood and artist identity on blogs. Supervisors: Kirsi Saarikangas, Eva Maria Korsisaari and Tuija Saresma. Gender Studies, A.

Kettunen, Paju: Cissexist, ableist, racist and classist background assumptions in science journalism on etiology of homosexuality. Supervisors: Kuura Irni  and Venla Oikkonen. Gender Studies, A. 

Kinnunen, Moona: The Queer Gender of Jesus in the Gospel of John. Supervisors: Martti Nissinen, Antu Sorainen and Ismo Dunderberg . Biblical Studies, T.

Koivisto, Maija: Tyhjä syli – kuurot naiset, avioliittolaki, pakkoabortoinnit ja -sterilisaatiot Suomessa vuosina 1929–1969. Supervisors: Hisayo Katsui and Julian Honkasalo. Social Policy, S.

Korpijärvi, Anna-Leena. Chinese Womanhood beyond Dragon Ladies and China Dolls. Supervisors: Outi Hakola and Tiina Airaksinen. Area and Cultural Studies, A.

Koskinen, Pekka: Vammaisjärjestöihin institutionalisoitunut aktivismi: erot, identiteetti ja ääni. Supervisors: Reetta Mietola and Marjut Jyrkinen. Gender Studies, A.

Lappalainen, Topi: Verklighetsbilder – mimesis, intertextualitet, och alienation i Henrika Ringboms författarskap. Supervisor: Hadle Andersen. Scandinavian Literature, A.

Lavila, Piia: Transnational Feminist Solidarity Movements and Pedagogical Articulations on Reproductive Work. Supervisor: Elina Oinas. Development Studies, S.

Lönnroth-Olin, Marja: Young Muslim masculinities – An intersectional approach. Supervisors: Inga Jasinskaja-Lahti and Satu Venäläinen. Social Psychology, S.

Malm, Karla: Jihadistista tyttövoimaa? Radikalisoituminen, toimijuus ja poliittinen väkivalta osana nuorten naisten elämänkulkua. Supervisors: Hanna Kuusi, Leena Malkki and Marja Vuorinen. Political History, S.

Marttila, Anne-Maria: Ylirajainen ja poliittinen intiimi. Suomalaisten matkailu, maskuliinisuus ja seksi sosialismin jälkeisessä Virossa. Supervisor: Pauli Kettunen. Political History, S.

Mela, Kia Marianne: Poliisin lähisuhdeväkivallan määrittely, tunnistaminen sekä puuttumisen mahdollistavat rakenteet ja kompetenssit. Supervisors: Elina Penttinen, Marjut Jyrkinen and Marita Husso. Gender Studies, A.

van Midde, Max: Vulnerability, trans-becoming, and trans narratives: An auto-ethnographic study of transgender embodiments. Supervisors: Kuura Irni and Julian Honkasalo. Gender Studies, A.

Mäki, Kirsi: Feminismien poliittinen historia 1930- ja 1940-luvun Suomessa. Supervisors: Pauli Kettunen and Marianne Liljeström. Political History, S.

Nasser El-Dine, Soraja: Negotiating the New Normal: Gender and the Normalization of Cosmetic Surgery in Lebanon. Supervisors: Susanne Dahlgren and Tuija Pulkkinen. Gender Studies, A.

Oertel, Noora Talvikki: Being touched through Dance Practices during Times of Infectious Diseases in the Finnish Indepenent Society. Interpretations and Perceptions from the 1918 Flu Pandemic over the Peak of HIV/AIDS Infections to the Digital Age of COVID-19. Supervisors: Leena-Maija Rossi and Tara Mehrabi. Art History, A.

Oroza, Sibone: “When I’m on Stage, I Rule” The Power of Being a Cholita Pop Diva in a Changing Bolivia. Supervisor: Pirkko Moisala. Musicology, A.

Ostrovljanovic, Marjukka: Give her a voice! Victims of violence - a reading of Judges 19. Supervisors: Martti Nissinen, Outi Lehtipuu and Elina Vuola. Biblical Studies, T.

Paajanen, Annukka: Geenipankit ja lajien asema antroposeenin aikakaudella. Supervisors: Elina Penttinen, Sanna Karhu and Kuura Irni. Gender Studies, A.

Petäjäniemi-Brown, Soili: The Emergence of Conceptual Work in Judith Butler's Early Thought: Existentialism and its Others. Supervisors: Tuija Pulkkinen and Johanna Oksala. Gender Studies, A.

Pöllänen, Katri: Gender and Emotional Abuse at Work – Tolerance of Gendered Violence. Supervisors: Marjut Jyrkinen, Elina Penttinen and Raminta Pucetaite. Gender Studies, A.

Rantala, Marjo: Judging Sex. Interpretations of sex/gender in non-discrimination law. Supervisors: Johanna Niemi and  Panu Minkkinen. Gender and law, L.

Rautanen-Uunila, Saara: Destination Finland - Integration and Agency of Latin American Women in Finnish Society. Supervisor: Professor Martti Pärssinen. Latin American Studies, A.

Riverin, Maude: Looking at Insanity: Feminist Aesthetics in New French Extremity Cinema. Supervisors: Outi Hakola, Jaakko Seppälä and Henry Bacon. Film Studies, A.

Ruotsalainen, Nelli: Normatiivisen valkoisuuden haastaminen feministisessä toiminnassa. Supervisors: Suvi Keskinen and Johanna Leinonen. Sociology, S.

Salminen, Janne: Falling Apart at the Scenes: Deconstructing Masculinity and Femininity in Hollywood Mainstream Cinema. Supervisors: Outi Hakola and Mikko Saikku. Area and Cultural Studies, A.

Schwanck, Ada: Facing Silence: Witnessing Trauma Fiction. Supervisor: Elina Penttinen, Julian Honkasalo and Hanna Meretoja. Gender Studies, A.

Seling, Hanna: Representations of Female Sexual Desire in Erotic Literature. Supervisors: Elina Penttinen, Eva Maria Korsisaari and Heta Rundgren. Gender Studies, A.

Sundström, Satu: Global Feminism. Transformation and Transformative Politics. Supervisors: Teivo Teivainen and Marjaana Jauhola. Political Science, S.

Suni, Anna: "Hyvät kollegat, pyytäisin että käyttäytyisitte kuin aikuiset": Nuorten osallistuminen, kuuluminen ja yhteiskunnallinen toimijuus. Supervisors: Reetta Mietola and Reetta Toivanen. Area and Cultural Studies, A.

Svanström, Maria: Speech and Politics in Deliberative Democracy and Sexual Difference Philosophies. Supervisors: Sergei Prozorov and Kristian Klockars. Political Science, S.

Tainio, Luca: Trans Bodies, Vulnerability and Resistance. Supervisors: Kuura Irni and Marie-Louise Holm. Gender Studies, A.

Taivaloja, Nita-Helena: Hetero- and mononormativity in consensually non-monogamous ways of forming romantic, emotional and sexual relationships in Finland. Supervisors: Päivi Berg, Satu Venäläinen and Kari Vesala. Social Psychology, S.

Tuomi, Liisa: Naispoplaulajan konstruoituminen mediaiteksteissä. Supervisors: Pirkko Moisala and Taru Leppänen. Musicology, A.

Vainio, Mari: Äitiys sosiaalisessa steriloimiskysymyksessä vuosina 1950–1970. Supervisor: Pauli Kettunen. Political History, S.

Valleala, Aija: Addressing gendered division of labour through legislation. Supervisor: Tuomas Ojanen. Constitutional Law, L.

Viljanen, Vuokko: Redefined Kinship in Queer Communities – The Politics of Judith Butler’s Thought Supervisors: Antu Sorainen and Tuija Pulkkinen. Gender Studies, A.

Weaver, Cai: Gays, Perverts, Degenerates and Democratic Values. The Governance of (Homo)sexuality in Putin’s Russia. Supervisors: Jemima Repo and Sergei Prozorov. Political Science, S.

Weiland-Särmälä, Katja: Pappisperheen elämäntapa 1800-luvun lopusta 1900-luvun alkuun. Supervisor: Juha Siltala. Finnish and Nordic History, A.

Yli-Räisänen, Heli: Female and Queer Desires in the Ancient Near Eastern Literature. Supervisors: Martti Nissinen and Tuija Pulkkinen. Biblical Studies, T.

Zhabenko, Alisa: Russian Lesbian Families and Motherhood form Stalinism to Putinism – an empirical multi-method study. Supervisor: Tuija Pulkkinen. Gender Studies, A.

Finished PhD’s in the Doctoral Programme in Gender, Culture and Society

Xu Qingbo: The Evolutionary Feminism of Zhang Kangkang and the Developing Dialogue between Darwinism and Gender Studies. Supervisors: Anna Rotkirch and Kirsi Saarikangas. Gender Studies, A. Defence 5.11.2014.

Hakkarainen, Minna: Between Ideas of Democracy and Gendered Local Practices in Vietnam A Bakhtinian Reading of Development Aid Practice. Supervisors: Tiina Kontinen and Adam Fforde. Development Studies, S. Defence 24.1. 2015

Kornak, Jacek: Queer as a Political Concept. Supervisor: Tuija Pulkkinen. Gender Studies, A. Defence 4.2.2015.

Kuronen, Tanja: Hoivapommin purkajat. Supervisors: Antti Karisto and Silva Tedre. Social Policy, S. Defence 14.11.2015.

Honkasalo, Julian: Sisterhood, Natality, Queer. Reframing Feminist Interpretations of Hannah Arendt. Supervisor: Tuija Pulkkinen. Gender Studies, A. Defence 23.1.2016.

Hart, Linda: Relational Subjects: Family Relations, Law and Gender in the European Court of Human Rights. Supervisors: Anna-Maija Castrén and Kevät Nousiainen. Sosiology, S. Defence 13.5.2016.

Pellander, Saara: Gatekeepers of the Family: Regulating Family Migration to Finland. Supervisors: Pauli Kettunen and Johanna Kantola. Political History, S. Defence 11.6.2016.

Saari, Milja: Samapalkkaisuus – neuvoteltu oikeus. Naisten ja miesten palkkaeriarvoisuus poliittisena ja oikeudellisena kysymyksenä korporatistisessa Suomessa. Supervisors: Johanna Kantola and Juri Mykkänen. Political Science, S. Defence 27.8.2016.

Ikävalko, Elina: Vaikenemisia ja vastarintaa. Valtasuhteet ja toiminnan mahdollisuudet oppilaitosten tasa-arvosuunnittelussa. Supervisors: Kristiina Brunila, Johanna Kantola and Elina Lahelma. Educational Sciences, B. Defence 2.9.2016.

Sivelä, Jonas: AIDS Myths and Myths about AIDS Myths: A Study about AIDS related Perceptions in South Africa. Supervisors: Axel Fleisch and Annika Teppo. African Studies, A. Defence 11.11.2016

Rundgren, Heta: Vers une théorie du roman postnormâle. Féminisme, réalisme et conflit sexuel chez Doris Lessing, Märta Tikkanen, Stieg Larsson et Virginie Despentes. Supervisors: Tuija Pulkkinen and Anne E. Berger. Cotutelle, Universite Paris 8 – Vincennes – Saint-Denis / UH, Gender Studies, A. Defence 12.12.2016.

Härkönen, Mitra: Tibetan Nuns between Oppression and Opportunities - An Intersectional Study. Supervisors: René Gothóni, Juha Janhunen and Eva Maria Korsisaari. Study of Religions, A. Defence 11.1.2017

Katto, Jonna: Beautiful Mozambique. Haptics of belonging in the life narratives of female war veterans. Supervisors: Axel Fleisch, Tuija Saresma and Isabel Casimiro. African Studies, A. Defence 1.2.2017   

Karhu, Sanna: From Violence to Resistance: Judith Butler's Critique of Norms. Supervisors: Tuija Pulkkinen and Johanna Oksala. Gender Studies, A. Defence 23.9.2017

Alava, Henni: "There is Confusion." - The Politics of Silence, Fear and Hope in Catholic and Protestant Northern Uganda. Supervisors: Elina Oinas and Mika Vähäkangas. Development Studies, S. Defence 14.10.2017

Venäläinen, Satu: Women as Perpetrators of Violence – Meanings of Gender and Violence in Womens’ Accounts and in Tabloids. Supervisors: Päivi Berg and Suvi Ronkainen, Social Psychology, S. Defence 10.11.2017

Rantala, Teija: Beyond Sisters and Mothers: Women’s Aspirations Within the Conservative Laestadian Movement. Supervisors: Marjut Jyrkinen, Johanna Kantola and Mirka Koro-Ljungberg. Gender Studies, A. 11.5. 2018

Taavetti, Riikka: Queer Politics of Memory. Undisciplined Sexualities as Glimpses and Fragments in Finnish and Estonian Pasts. Supervisors: Pauli Kettunen and Kirsti Salmi-Niklander. Political History, S. 5.10.2018

Järviö, Nina: Polkuja suomalaiseen tasa-arvoon? Kansalaistoiminta, Tahdon2013 ja translaki. Supervisors: Marjut Jyrkinen, Johanna Kantola and Anna Moring. Gender Studies, A. 15.12.2018 

Kurki, Tuuli: Immigrant-ness as (Mis)fortune? – Immigrantisation through integration policies and practices in education. Supervisors: Kristiina Brunila and Elina Lahelma. Educational Sciences, E. 22.2.2019

Vaahtera, Touko: Toward a Theory of Able-bodied Belonging: Cripping Swimming – Culture, Ableism, and the Re-articulation of Able-Bodiedness. Supervisors: Sirpa Lappalainen, Kristiina Brunila and Minna Uimonen. Educational Sciences, E. 31.5.2019

Kinnunen, Heini: The Public Sphere, Feminism and the Left: the Concept of Public Sphere in Three Feminist Theorists’ Works. Supervisors: Tuija Pulkkinen and Anna Elomäki. Gender Studies, A. 14.8.2019

Jyrkiäinen, Senni: Virtual and Urban Intimacies: Youth Desires, and Mediated Relationship in an Egyptian City. Supervisors: Sarah Green and Susanne Dahlgren. Social and Cultural Anthropology, S. 14.9.2019

Väkiparta, Maria: Young Men as Agents for Gender Equality - Case Female Gential Cutting. Supervisors: Marjut Jyrkinen and Lena Näre. Gender Studies, A. 13.12.2019

Avdeeva, Anna: Natural Parenting in Contemporary Russia: When 'Nature' Meets Kinship. Supervisors: Antu Sorainen and Marianna Muravyeva. Gender Studies, A. 14.8.2020

PhD students who have received SKY-funding

Elina Helosvuori, four years, 2014–2017 (Sosiology, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Soili Petäjäniemi-Brown, one year, 2014 (Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts)
Elina Ikävalko, one year, 2014 (Educational Sciences, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences)
Heta Rundgren, one year, 2015 (Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts)
Heini Kinnunen, two years, 2015–2016 (Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts)
Satu Venäläinen, two years, 2015–2016 (Social Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Hanna Etholén, three years, 2016–2018 (Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts)
Nina Järviö, one year, 2017 (Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts)
Henri Hyvönen, four years, 2017-2020 (Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts)
Riikka Taavetti, two years, 2017-2018 (Political History, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Astrid Joutseno, four years, 2017-2020 (Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts)
Marjo Rantala, two years, 2017-2018 (Gender and Law, Faculty of Law)
Cai Weaver, one year, 2017 (Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Tuuli Kurki, half a year, 2018 (Education, Faculty of Educational Sciences), granted by the Faculty of Educational Science)
Suzy Ameen, four years, 2018-2021 (Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts)
Ada Schwanck, four years, 2018-2021 (Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts)
Elisabeth Wide, ten months, 11.11. 2018–31.8.2019 (Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Anna Heinonen, four years, 2019–2022 (Gender Studies, Faculty of Arts)
Ella Alin, four years, 2020-2023 (Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Katinka Czigány, four years, 2021-2024 (Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences)

SKY degree requirements can be found here (in English), here (in Finnish) and here (in Swedish).