The administration of the Doctoral Programme in Population Health consists of a director, doctoral programme officer and coordinator. The doctoral programme officer and the coordinator are contact persons and responsible for administration and communication as well as planning the programme curriculum and other activities in collaboration with the board. Under the leadership of the director, the DocPop board is in charge of the strategic planning of the doctoral programme and reviewing postgraduate study right applications submitted to DocPop.



The DocPop board is composed of professors and principal investigators representing the fields in the programme and a doctoral candidate representatives elected by the doctoral candidates among themselves. The term of the committee is four years. The term of the doctoral candidate representative is two years. The current four year period started 1.1.2018.

Samuli Ripatti, Director
Elovainio Marko
Kuure Satu
Wartiovaara Kirmo
Kauppi  Liisa
Pekkanen Juha
Mustjoki Satu
Hassan Shabbeer (student representative)
Tuomisto Karolina (student representative)

Samuli Ripatti, Director