During winter time DPDR has asked doctoral candidates to participate design competitions for DPDR image.  We were delighted to receive more than 20 images of a very high quality. Thanks to everyone who participated in design competition. 

With the consent of the winner team the image can already be in use for posters, presentations etc. For that purpose image could be downloaded from the here.

25.4.2018 As a member of FinPharmaNet, Doctoral programme in Drug Research (DPDR) from University of Helsinki will act as a host of the 12th FinPharmaNet meeting on June 14-15, 2018 at Hotel Korpilampi, Espoo, under the theme “Drug and pharmacology research in Finland”. Please find programme from webpages

Registartion via e-form, DL 13.5.2018. Note: Poster presantations are obligatory for all doctoral candidates who will not have a talk . Participation is free for DPDR students and supervisors

5.4.2018: 12th Annual FinPharmaNet Meeting 2018 will be organized by DPDR, 14-15-6.2018. A detailed programme and place will be announced during April.

For organizing the seminar DPDR recived financial support from The Finnish Pharmaceutical Society, Bayer and Drug Research Programme.

Decision: Chancellor´s travel grant 2018

During Chancellor’s call 2018 DPDR received a total of 51 applications. The DPDR doctoral programme is grateful for the applications and thankful that DPDR students are willing to present their own results and attend top meetings/congresses/workshops. DPDR decided on board meeting  (8.3.2018) to support all applicants as follows: 500 € for travels inside Europe and 1000 € for travels outside Europe.

HYVÄT survey for doctoral candidates: Integration a major issue in PhD life

In February-March 2018. HYVÄT carried out a survey for all the doctoral students at the University of Helsinki. The purpose of the survey was to find out the current situation, challenges and most appreciated aspects of the doctoral education at the university. Find more about the survey from HYVÄT's pages