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The date and time when registration for a particular course opens in WebOodi is given in the course announcement. Once the call is opened a deadline for registrations is given. Usually the call for applications opens approximately one month and closes approximately two weeks before the course starts. These are only guidelines – always check the deadlines for the course you are interested in! Please follow your email and the doctoral programme homepages to stay up-to-date on courses.




Event name and time

Hélder Santos


 Nanomedicine for biomedical applications


Esa Korpi

NEUBM-303: NeuPhar2019:


brain-ENS-gut microbiome interactions


Mikko Niemi

10 Years of Pharmacogenetics in the

University of Helsinki from

Discovery to Clinical Implementation


Mikko Airavaara

Image analysis in neuroprotection and cell death

TBA /Spring or Fall 2019

Mikko Airavaara

DPDR-302: Reporters in Drug Research

4.6.2019 (9.15-17.00) and

12.6.2019 (9.15 - 12)

Registration via Weboodi until 28.5.2019

Faculty of Pharmacy

ULLA Summer School and Conference


Raimo Tuominen

Mikko Airavaara

Kristiina Haasio

Modern Methods in Life Science and Drug Research:

Examples how to reduce the number of animals and

increase the research quality


Venue:  Meilahti campus

Registration via e-form

Merja Voutilainen

Parkinson's and Huntington's disease:

Pathology, diagnosis and therapy symposium

TBA / September 2019

Clare Strachan

Introduction to Spectroscopy (PROV-709)

TBA / September

Tapani Viitala

Advanced spectroscopic analytical methods

and new technologies in drug delivery


Vincenzo Cerullo / Oana Velcu-Laitinen

Creativity in Research

Registration e-form


24.10.2019 @ 14.00-16.00

31.10.2019 @ 14.00-16.00

7.11.2019   @ 14.00-16.00

14.11.2019 @ 14.00-16.00

21.11.2019 @ 14.00-16.00

28.11.2019 @ 14.00-16.00

5.12.2019   @ 14.00-16.00

12.12.2019 @ 14.00-16.00


24-25.4.2018: Finnish Pharmacological Society, FinMedChem & Finnish Peptide Society joint symposium: Medicinal Chemistry Meets Pharmacology / Erik Wallén

14-15.5.2018: Kliininen lääketutkimus 2018 / Janne Backman and Aleksi Tornio

14-25.5.2018: Nanomedicines for biomedical applications / Hélder Santos

28.5.-8.6.2018: PROV-607 Microfluidics and Nanotechnology for Pharmaceutical Applications / Tiina Sikanen and Hélder Santos

22.5.2018: Eläimiä käyttävän tutkimuksen eettiset perusteet (only in finnish) / Raimo Tuominen

14-15.6.2018: DPDR 101, 102,103, 104 FinPharmaNet Annual Meeting (host DPDR)

1-4.7.2018: ULLA Workshop 2018 / Jouni Hirvonen

27-31.8.2018: Medication Safety and Effectiveness: An Interactive Workshop on Research Methods, Quantitative Reasoning and Scientific Writing / Marja Airaksinen

21.-23.8.2018: DPDR-120: Stereotaxis in neuropharmacological research/ Petteri Piepponen

6-7.9.2018: ALS and Parkinson's disease: Pathology, Diagnosis and Therapy / Merja Voutilainen

1-31.9.2018: Master's/PhD level course: Introduction to Spectroscopy / Clare Strachan

15.10.2018: The fundamentals of an effective CV & Leveraging LinkedIn / Sanna Grannas

17.-19.10.2018: Reporter systems in Biology and Pharmacology / Mikko Airavaara 


  • Lectures only 1 ECTS
  • Lectures and examination 2 ECTS
  • Lectures, examination and demon-strations 3 ECTS

8-9.11.2018: Improving Rational Pharmacotherapy – 50 Years of Clinical Pharmacology in Finland / Janne Backman and Aleksi Tornio

23.11.2018 FOTY/DPDR career night: DPDR/The Association of Pharmacy Teachers and Researchers (FOTY)

12-14.12.2018: European Joint Meeting of Theoretical and Experimental Meeting on Membranes (EJTEMM18) / Alex Bunker



Career night and seasonal party

organised by Doctoral Programme in Drug Research (DPDR) and The Association of Pharmacy Teachers and Researchers (FOTY)
24.11.2017, Think company, Latokartanonkaari 3, Viikki

Doctoral Programme in Drug Research (DPDR) provides an informal event for the introduction of new doctoral candidates to the doctoral education in DPDR and university. All doctoral candidates and supervisors are also welcome to update their knowledge of the new doctoral education system in UH and meet colleagues. Student council and The Association of Pharmacy Teachers and Researchers (FOTY) organises program especially for doctoral candidates. Most Student council candidates are also members of FOTY.




Opening of the event
tba DPDR representative, tba DPDR Doctoral candidate representativ and Emmi Palomäki, President of FOTY

Doctoral Programme in Drug Research – update of doctoral education
Doctoral Programme in Drug Research (DPDR) Coordinator, Ilkka Reenilä

University of Helsinki PhD Students (HYVÄT) – official organization for doctoral candidates
Doct. cand. Jack Beresford, HYVÄT

Career adventures of PhDs in drug research
PhD (Pharm) Saija Leikola, Development Manager at Pharmac Finland Oy 
PhD (Pharm) Sanna Siissalo, Development Manager at Association of Finnish Pharmacies


Social programme/free socializing

Snack and refreshments