Need help? Looking for a supervisor? From this page, you'll find the contact information for the administrative personnel the doctoral programme, as well as information on the board of the programme and the supervisors of the programme.

Associate Professor (Tenure track) Heldér A. Santos, Director (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Professor Janne Backman (Faculty of Medicine)

Academy Research Fellow Mikko Airavaara (Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki)

Researcher Heidi Kidron (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Academy Research Fellow Päivi Tammela (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Tenure track Professor Clare Strachan (Faculty of Pharmacy)

University lecturer Erik Wallén (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Doctoral candidate representative Iiro Kiiski

Doctoral candidate representative Katrina Albert


Supervisors in the DPDR work in the area of drug research and toxicological research. They are usually professors and principal investigators at the University of Helsinki. An extensive list of DPDR supervisors can be found from the University of Helsinki research database TUHAT. However, researchers at other research institutes may co-supervise a DPDR doctoral candiate.