Info for doctoral candidates and supervisors

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Most information has been moved to Instructions for students website. You can find also doctoral programme specific information there.

Doc­toral can­did­ates and Su­per­vi­sors

There are more than 170 supervisors and co supervisors who guide the scientific work.

Doctoral education in CVM includes national and international courses, congresses and work visits outside own working place. CVM has wide network of experts representing several fields in clinical veterinary medicine in the Universities, institutions, national organisations and industry. In addition, doctoral candidates’ own activities (Student council) and peer support helps in networking. Research expertise, other skills and career planning are followed in annual thesis committee meetings where outside scientific experts support the progress of doctoral candidates.

All doctors graduated from CVM are employed in expert positions in various fields in translational and clinical veterinary medicine in addition to animal welfare posts in academic, authority, clinical teacher, in clinical practice and industry as well as being independent entrepreneurs.

Fac­ulties and part­ners of CVM

University page

University of Helsinki

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Veterinary teaching hospital in Helsinki   (horses, small animals) and in Mäntsälä, Saari (production animals).
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Faculty of Biological and Environmental sciences
  • Faculty of Behavioural Sciences
  • HiLIFE: Institute of Biotechnology, Neuroscience Center

Other partners

  • University of Turku
  • University of Eastern Finland
  • Åbo Akademy University
  • Tampere University of Technology
  • University of Oulu
  • Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira
  • Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)
  • Private sector, industry, authorities
  • NOVA (Nordic), BOVA (Baltic) networks

Doctoral training related information are e-mailed by email list for doctoral candidates and supervisors. To subscribe, send an e-mail from your account to Leave the subject-line empty and write in the message field: subscribe dpcvm-members

As a member of the dpcvm-members list, you are automatically added to the email-list of the Doctoral School in Health Sciences ( that provides announcements of the courses in transferable skills and other useful information.

Thesis committee is obligatory for all CVM students who have started on 2014 or later. It will become obligatory for ALL students on 1.8.2020.

More information and CVM-specific instructions on instructions for students website.

Thessa is a new online tool for planning and follow-up of PhD studies, and it is mandatory for new doctoral candidates, their supervisors and thesis committees starting from Autumn 2018.

See more in the Instructions for students website.

More than 90 supervisors from 14 institutions are currently affiliated to CVM.
CVM supervisors affiliated with University of Helsinki can be found in the TUHAT database.

Please note that the list includes both students and supervisors. If you're looking for a potential supervisor, look for people having 'Supervisor in doctoral programme' title.

Supervisors not affiliated to University of Helsinki in the list below.

University of Eastern Finland (UEF)

Jaakko Mononen
Heli Lindeberg
Leena Ahola
Heikki Roininen
Petteri Nieminen
Pertti Rannikko
Rauno Sairinen
Pekka Jokinen
Hannu Räty
Matti Kuittinen
Matti Tolvanen
Jussi Silvonen

National Laboratory Animal Centre (Kuopio)

Satu Mering
Timo Nevalainen

Center for Horse Management (Hevostietokeskus) (Kuopio)

Minna-Liisa Heiskanen

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Taru Peltola

University of Turku (UTU)

Olli Koistinen
Juha Räikkä
Markku Oksanen
Elisa Aaltola

Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU)

Markku Suksi

Tampere University of Technology (TUT)

Jari Hyttinen

University of Oulu (UO)

Jukka Pennanen

Laboratory Animal Centre, University of Oulu

Hanna-Marja Voipio

MTT Agrifood Research Finland (MTT)

Marketta Rinne
Hannu Korhonen
Satu Raussi
Jarmo Valaja
Ismo Strandén

Finnish Food Safety Authority (EVIRA)

Liisa Sihvonen
Kimmo Peltonen
Saara Raulo
Sinikka Pelkonen
Annamaria Eriksson-Kallio

Private Sector

Anssi Tast, Vethaus OY
Eija Helander, Suomen Rehu Oy

Supervisors in other countries

French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France

Isabelle Veissier

Institut Superiéur d´Agriculture, France

Joop Lensik

Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Canada

Anne-Marie de Passillé
Jeff Rushen, PhD

University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

David Sims

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Jan Ladewig
Björn Forkman
Dvoralai Wulfsohn
Peter Sandoe

Research Centre Foulum, University of Århus, Denmark

Lene Munksgaard

Technical University of Denmark

Henrik Madsen

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Bo Algers
Stefan Gunnarsson

Teagasc Agriculture and Food Development Authority, Ireland

Anne Maria Mullen

Klaipėda University, Lithuania

Marija Eidukeviciene

The Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Norway

Birgit Ranheim

Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium (M3-BIORES)

Daniel Berckmans
Jean-Marie Aerts

Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia

Väino Poikalainen

The University of Helsinki PhD Students (HYVÄT) is an association for all doctoral candidates at the University of Helsinki. The goal is to advocate the interests of doctoral students and to function as a liaison between doctoral students and the University of Helsinki.

The procedure of thesis pre-examination depends on your faculty. You can find faculty-specific instructions in Instructions for students website.

For registration of individual study units as well as study modules (30 cr and 10 cr): see Instructions for students website.


All doctoral candidates must transfer to the new degree system if they do not complete their degree before 31.7.2020.

Doctoral candidates' transition to the new degree system in the Instructions for students website.

Old degree re­quire­ments

Degree requirements according to the Faculty system are only valid until 31.7.2020. Old doctoral degree requirements are in Instructions for students web site.

E-forms for transition to the new requirements


The University of Helsinki PhD Students (HYVÄT) is an association for all doctoral candidates at the University of Helsinki. The goal is to advocate the interests of doctoral students and to function as a liaison between doctoral students and the University of Helsinki.