The call for doctoral candidate positions with university funding will open on this page.

Other ways of funding a PhD project is a salary paid by the supervisor or a personal grant from a private foundation applied by the doctoral candidate him/herself. Doctoral candidates may also fund their studies themselves or pursue their degree in tandem with work. Further information on the different funding options is available here.

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CVM travel grants

The Doctoral Programme in Clinical Veterinary Medicine (CVM) invites applications for competitive travel grants from registered doctoral candidates in the program. Grants can be applied for scientific meetings, international courses, or thesis-related lab visits. 


Next call for DSHealth travel grants (both DSHealth & UH Funds´travel grants) is from January 15th to February 7th, 2019.

Application form

Amount of the travel grant
The travel grant for CVM doctoral candidates can be applied for travelling to international scientific conferences, practical courses or research visits. The annual travel grant per doctoral candidate for attending a scientific conference or a practical course is max. 800 € for a trip within Europe and 1500 € for a trip to a non-European country. Travel grant for a research visit to collaborating laboratory abroad: the maximum amount of the grant is 1500 € world wide.

Use of the travel grant
The travel grant can be used to cover travel costs, such as transportation, accommodation and registrations fees.

Purpose the travel grant
The travel grant can be applied for attending an international conference or practical course. In the case of conferences either an oral or poster (1st author) presentation is required. The grant is allocated on the basis of the relevance of the course or meeting for the applicant.

The main criterion for receiving the travel grant for attending an international meeting is a talk or a poster. Additional criteria include relevance of the meeting and successful submission of the previous year’s progress report (not applicable for first year doctoral candidates).

Important instructions

  • The grant can be awarded only to applicants of the doctoral programme who have registered at UH for the academic year 2018-2019.
  • Doctoral candidates in the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Veterinary Medicine can receive a maximum one DSHealth and one UH Funds´ travel grant per year
  • The grant cannot be applied for a trip that has already been completed (travel time 15.1.– 31.12.2019).
  • If there are no special grounds, the travel grant has to be used for the travel for which it has been applied, and for which it has been awarded. The travels are made following the University of Helsinki instructions for travel. Detailed travel instructions can be found in Flamma.

Application review
All applications for the call period will be reviewed after the deadline. Please note, that late submissions will not be considered.

Payment instructions


University of Helsinki allocates funding to doctoral programmes for salaried doctoral candidate positions. The doctoral candidates selected for the positions shall be hired for full-time employment for the duration of 1-4 years, with the aim that the doctoral degree shall be completed within the duration of the employment. 

The UH-funded salaried positions are announced once a year in September. This year, the application period opened on 14 September and ended on 27 September 2018 at 3 pm (EEST). The call for the positions will be published at the University of Helsinki web page for Open positions. There you can also find announcements for other open positions for doctoral candidates throughout the year, such as those announced by research groups.

To be able to begin your employment as a doctoral candidate, you will need to obtain the right to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki. In other words, you can apply for the salaried position before obtaining the right to pursue the degree, but your employment can only begin after this right has been obtained. 

Instructions on how to apply the University of Helsinki funded doctoral candidate positions in 2018


Programme-specific criteria and other additions to the common call text

The programme is defined and shaped by three closely related and interconnected research areas: animal welfare, translational and clinical veterinary medicine. The most prominent aim of the CVM is to encourage the doctoral candidates to mature into ethically conscious, professional researchers and specialists who are genuinely multidisciplinary, critical, and innovative. In addition, the doctoral candidates become well incorporated into research networks and have workable international contacts at the time of graduation.


The applicant can apply for a salaried doctoral candidate position from not more than two doctoral programmes within Doctoral School in Health Sciences.

Helsinki Uni­versity Fu­ture Fund po­s­i­tions

Applications to the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Veterinary Medicine can additionally be addressed to a position funded by the income of the Helsinki University Future Fund allocated to the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry on the following two thematic subjects:

* Human and animal nutrition (one 1-year position)
* Improving and developing agriculture, primary production, and related economics (one 1-year position)

NB! The applicant must have a right to pursue a doctoral degree in the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Should you wish to have your application assessed under one these thematic subjects*, you can indicate this in the application form by filling in the subject in question for the field “Specification or additional information on the field of research” (under Research Plan). Your application will then be evaluated in the usual manner by the board of the doctoral programme but also taken into account in the evaluation of applications for the positions funded by the University of Helsinki Future Fund.

Su­per­visor con­sent

Note! The 'Confirmation of Supervision' must be completed by the primary supervisor in Aava by October 1st, 2018, at 16:00 (UTC+3). The Aava system will automatically send an email notification to the email address provided on the application form for the primary supervisor. 

Evaluation process

Two external reviewers will evaluate the applications according to the CVM-specific criteria (see below). The evaluations made by the external reviewers are used in the decision making by the CVM board.

CVM-specific evaluation criteria of the salary position applications

  1. Scientific input and significance to CVM research area
  2. Practical implementation of the research plan
  3. Competence of the applicant
  4. Research group and research environment
  5. International collaboration

Language of the application

Only applications in English may be evaluated.

Clinical work

Doctoral candidates pursuing specialist degrees in veterinary medicine can apply for half of a UH-funded position (6 months/year). These applicants are expected to commit to full time (100 %) doctoral training for a six month period and to specialist clinical training for the remaining six months of the same calendar year.

Doctoral candidates enrolled in specialist training are expected to supplement the application with a 'Letter of Commitment' indicating how the doctoral training period will be integrated with clinical work. Please find the template below. Collect the requested information and signatures, scan and attach the letter as a pdf file to your Aava application by September 27, 2018 at 15:00 (UTC+3).

More information:

Salary position starting 2019 have now been filled

Description of the evaluation process

CVM received altogether 16 applications. Two external evaluators from abroad evaluated all applications and gave both numerical and written comments on all applications.

The CVM board made the final decisions based on evaluations given by the external panel.

The positions were filled as follows:

Sanna Aarnio (supervisor Merja Rantala), 1 year
Justin Box (Ninja Karikoski), 1 year
Kati Dillard (Hannes Lohi), 1 year
Taehee Han (Claudio Oliviero), 1 year
Lauri Kareinen (Olli Vapalahti), 1 year
Anna-Mariam Kiviranta (Tarja Pääkkönen), 6 months
Merita Määttä (Minna Rajamäki), 1 year
Vahideh Rahmani (Thomas Spillmann), 1 year
Virpi Sali (Mari Heinonen), 6 months

Due to the clinical nature of CVM studies, max 1-year positions were granted. However, all applicants are encouraged to apply again next year!