B&M Symposium 2020

Lecture and poster session at the Brain and Mind symposium 2019 in Espoo.


B&M Symposium 2020

October 15-­16, 2020 (9-17 daily)
Helsinki (venue TBA, partly online)

Welcome to the annual symposium organized by the Student Council of the Doctoral Programme Brain & Mind, University of Helsinki and Aalto University!

In addition to B&M students and supervisors, we welcome other interested researchers and MSc/PhD students to this meeting. Registration to all lectures and workshop of the symposium is free. Registration will open early autumn.

Credits (NEUBM-104): 1 ECTS credit for participation in all lectures and workshops + 1 credit for a poster presentation at the symposium. 


The Symposium is organized by the B&M Student Council 2020:

  • Angelina Lesnikova, University of Helsinki, chair
  • Cecilia Cannarozzo, University of Helsinki
  • Adrien Gigliotta, University of Helsinki
  • Marko Havu, Aalto University
  • Rafael Moliner, University of Helsinki
  • Anaïs Virenque, University of Helsinki

For more information, please contact B&M Student Council chair angelina.lesnikova@helsinki.fi or B&M programme officer katri.wegelius@helsinki.fi.