Courses, transferable skills and other events


LUOVA Orientation (LUOVA-001)
For more information about LUOVA orientation please contact the LUOVA office (luova-info(at)

Revise your basics of statistics (LUOVA-301)
Time: 22 & 24 September
Online course
Teacher: Filipe Chichorro de Carvalho

Movement ecology data analysis (LUOVA-306b)
Time: 7-9 October
Online course
Teacher: Juan Morales

Linking data and ecological models (LUOVA-305)
Time: 12 October - 25 November
Online course
Teacher: Andreas Linden

Introduction to linear mixed models and GLMM in R (LUOVA-302)
Time: 9-13 November
Online course
Teachers: Highland Statistics

LUOVA Writing Retreat 2020 (LUOVA-410)
Time: 8-10 December (tentative)
Online course
Teachers: Rose Thorogood, Janne Soininen & Aleksi Lehikoinen

LUOVA Career Seminar
Monday 11th February 2019
Seminar room 5404, Biocentre 3 (Viikinkaari 1)
Cheese & wine provided
Organising team headed by Sinikka Robinson & Marju Prass

Spring Symposium 2019
4th - 6th March 2019
Korona Info Centre (Viikinkaari 11)
Organising team headed by Mikko Kivikoski & Andrew House
More information coming later in the year