In addition to the doctoral thesis, 30 credits of scientific content studies and 10 credits of general competence studies must be completed.

LUOVA degree structure (valid from 1.8.2017)

Transition guidelines

To stay up-to-date on each academic year's teaching, please follow your email, LUOVA's webpages and WebOodi.


LUOVA Orientation (LUOVA-001)
You only need to attend the course once, and you may either attend one of the days below or take the course independently online in Moodle.
19th September 1015-1145
22nd October 1415-1545
22nd November 1315-1445
17th December 1015-1145
Place: Computer classroom 138, Info building, Viikki campus
Registration is available via WebOodi

Revise your basics of statistics (LUOVA-301)
Time: 5th & 7th September
Place: Viikki campus
Teacher: Diego Pavón-Jordán

Introduction to meta-analysis (LUOVA-306)
Time: 15-19 October
Place: Viikki campus
Organiser: Mar Cabeza-Jaimejuan
Teacher: Julia Koricheva

Zero inflated models and GLMM in R (LUOVA-303)
Time: 12-16 November
Place: City centre campus
Organisers: Highland Statistics Ltd.
Teachers: Alain Zuur & Elena Ieno

Ongoing and past courses

If there are more applicants than we can take students will be prioritized as follows:

  1. LUOVA doctoral candidates
  2. Doctoral candidates in other YEB doctoral programmes
  3. Doctoral candidates at the member and partner institutions
  4. Other doctoral candidates at the University Helsinki
  5. Doctoral candidates from elsewhere
  6. Research staff and undergraduate students
  7. Others interested

Please note that in some cases we may prioritize docotral candidates for whom the course is highly relevant, so it is important to specify in the application why you want to take the course. If pre-required knowledge is given priority is given to applicants who fill the requirements.

If there are more applicants within a category than we can take, participants will be selected based on the order they applied for the course.

cancelling your seat

LUOVA courses are vey popular and there are often many applicants placed on a waiting list. We want to give the seats to those who actually are able to attend. Hence, after a seat on a course has been offered to an applicant, cancellations must be done by emailing the programme coordinator. If you are not participating after all, please free your seat to the next person on the waiting list. Failing to cancel and eventually not showing up on the course may affect your chances of being accepted on future courses.

Courses offered by the Doctoral School in Environmental, Food and Biological Sciences (YEB) teach skills necessary for all professional researchers and experts in other scientific positions regardless of their scientific background. Please refer to the YEB doctoral school website for the most recent information on available courses. Further information about the courses can also be obtained from YEB's coordinator.

It is also advisable that all LUOVA students join the YEB mailing list to stay up-to-date on YEB activities. Information on joining the mailing list is available here. The most popular courses may fill up in few hours so follow actively your email and YEB website to get the newest information on course registration.

Events taking place at the Viikki campus are listed in this calendar.

Many courses relevant for LUOVA doctoral candidates are advertised on the EvolDir mailing list. To stay up-to-date on international courses as well as conferences and postdoctoral positions, joining EvolDir is recommended to all LUOVA members.

In addition to EvolDir you may find interesting courses among these:

If you know of other relevant course organisers please let the LUOVA coordinator know and they can be added on the list.