Courses, seminars, transferable skills and other events

The DPPS organises courses according to the curriculum which includes differing themes and topics each year. In addition, there are two seminar series organised by the DPPS.

Transferable skills courses are organised by all Doctoral Schools at the University of Helsinki.


DPPS Orientation (DPPS-001)
For more information about DPPS orientation please contact the DPPS office (dpps-office(at)


Methods in Plant Biology 2020a
Photography & Image Editing (DPPS-403)

Time: 12-16 October
Place: Viikki campus
Organiser: Sampo Muranen

Advanced studies in environmental interactions 2020
Signal transduction in plants (DPPS-107)

Time: 19-22 October
Place: Online
Organisers: Michael Wrzaczek & Kirk Overmyer
Invited speakers: Sachie Kimura (Ritsumeikan University, Japan); Friedrich Kragler (Max-Planck Golm, Germany); Alga Zuccaro (University of Cologne, Germany)

Advanced studies in cell & developmental biology 2020
Berries and secondary metabolites (DPPS-103)
: Autumn
Place: Online
Organisers: Pauliina Palonen & Paula Elomaa

Current Challenges in Plant Biology 2020
Protein Plant Production (DPPS-504)

Courses which teach so called 'transferable skills' useful for career stages of both professional researchers and other scientific positions are organised by the Doctoral School in Environmental, Food and Biological Sciences (YEB).

Other doctoral schools offer similar types of courses which you may participate in if they are not full. You can use the codes DONAS (Doctoral school in Natural Sciences, Kumpula); HEALTH (Doctoral School in Health Sciences, Meilahti) or HYMY (Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences, City Centre) to search for courses in WebOodi.

DPPS Annual Meeting 2020
Monday 8th June (Virtual Meeting via Zoom)