Courses, seminars, general competence studies and other events


DPPS Orientation (DPPS-001)
You only need to attend the course once, and you may either attend one of the days below or take the course independently online in Moodle.
25 March 1000-1200
25 April 1400-1600
21 May 1000-1200
Place: Computer classroom 138, Info building, Viikki campus
Registration is available via WebOodi

Advanced Methods in Plant Biology (DPPS-402)
2019a: Production of heterologous proteins and metabolites in plants

Time: 6-10 May
Place: Viikki campus
Organisers: Kristiina Mäkinen & Teemu Teeri (UH); Anneli Ritala & Suvi Häkkinen (VTT)
Invited speakers: Inge Broer (University of Rostock, Denmark); Domink Mojzita (VTT, Finland); Hadrien Payret (John Innes Centre, UK)
Registration opens in WebOodi in February 2019

Advanced Studies in Environmental Interactions (DPPS-106)
2019: Fungal Interactions
Theme I: Multitrophic interactions

Time: 15-17th May
Theme II: Mutualistic and Pathogenic Interactions
13-14th June
Place: Viikki campus
Organisers: Fred Asiegbu, AGFOREE & MBDP
Invited speakers: Lynne Boddy (Cardiff, UK); Sebastien Duplessis (INRA, France); Taina Lundell (Helsinki, Finland); Li-Jun Ma (Massachusetts, USA); Anna Maria Piritilla (Oulu, Finland); Kari Saikkonen (Turku, Finland); Markku Saloheimo (VTT, Finland); Bart Thomma (Wageningen, The Netherlands); Michael Thomas-Poulsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Registration open in WebOodi

Advanced Methods in Plant Biology (DPPS-402)
2019b: Imaged based plant phenotyping

Time: 10-14th June
Place: Viikki campus
Organisers: Kristiina Himanen & NOVA
Registration is open

Advanced Studies in ecophysiology & ecology & evolutionary biology (DPPS-303)
2019: Plant Responses to Climate Change

Time: October
Place: Viikki campus
Organisers: Matt Robson

Current Challenges in Plant Biology (DPPS-503)
2019: Sensory Ecology of Plants: Linking metabolic and genetic regulation to ecology and evolution
Time: 9-10 December
Place: Viikki campus
Organisers: Pedro Aphalo & UV4Plants

Ongoing courses
Past courses (academic year 2017-2018)
Past courses (academic year 2016-2017)

Courses which teach so called 'transferable skills' useful for career stages of both professional researchers and other scientific positions are organised by the Doctoral School in Environmental, Food and Biological Sciences (YEB).

Other doctoral schools offer similar types of courses which you may participate in if they are not full. You can use the codes DONAS (Doctoral school in Natural Sciences, Kumpula); HEALTH (Doctoral School in Health Sciences, Meilahti) or HYMY (Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences, City Centre) to search for courses in WebOodi.


Viikki Plants Retreat 13-14th May 2019 at the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station!

DPPS Annual Meeting 21st May 2019 at the Old Mill, Vantaa Rapids.