Courses and events

The date and time when registration for a particular course opens is given in the course announcement. Once the call is opened a deadline for registrations is given. Usually the call for applications opens approximately one month and closes approximately two weeks before the course starts. These are only guidelines – always check the deadlines for the course you are interested in! Please follow your email and the doctoral programme homepages to stay up-to-date on courses.

Ongoing and past courses in (click)

Experimental Evolution and Community Dynamics 2018

Time: Sept. 10th - 12th 2018
Place: University of Helsinki / Tvärminne Zoological Station
More info and registration:

Introduction to Linux

Time: September 11 – 12 (full day)
Place: Viikki Infocenter Korona, room 139
Course page and registration: LINK

Human microbiome

Time: 24.10-26.10.2018
Place: CK120, Haartman Institiute, Haartmaninkatu 3, Meilahti, Helsinki
Responsible teachers: Reetta Satokari and Jonna Jalanka
Credits: 1-3 cr
Lectures 1 cr
Lecture notes/summary/learning diary + 1 cr
Own presentation (course schedule allowing) + 1 cr
Registration opens in August
Course page: LINK
Preliminary program:

Environmental biotechnology laboratory course

Time: 5.-16.11.2018, every day 9-16
Place: University of Helsinki, Lahti campus, teaching laboratory
Credits: 5 ECTS
Teachers: Merja Kontro, Martin Romantschuk
Course page:



Fridays at 9.15 in Biocentre 2, seminar room 2012 unless otherwise mentioned

19.1. Nicole Tischler (Fundacion Ciencia & Vida, Santiago, Chile):
Molecular perspective on Hantavirus particle assembly, dissociation and membrane fusion

16.2. Kristiina Hilden (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, UH):
Genome mining based discovery and characterization of fungal enzymes

23.3. Simo Miettinen (Immunobiology Research Program, University of Helsinki):
Responses of MAIT cells to Escherichia coli and Candida albicans stimulations

20.4. Lotta Happonen (Division of Infection Medicine, University of Lund):
Proteomics of Streptococcus pyogenes host-pathogen interactions

Organiser: Elina Roine, elina.roine(at)
8 attendances = 1 ECTS, own presentation = 1 ECTS
Maximum Microbiology Seminar credits = 3 ECTS


On selected Thursdays at 14.30 (note time), Infocenter room 4

8.2. Emilia Korhonen (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences):
Plasma membrane ion channels regulate virus entry in human cells

Pirjo Merilahti (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry):
Hunting picornavirus receptors and antibodies

1.3. Mirka Lampi (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences):
Asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation in purification of viruses and biomolecular complexes

Ilona Rissanen (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences):
Hantavirus architecture and host interactions  

5.4. Pinky Dutta (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry):
Trans-replication system for potato virus X in planta  

Sari Mattila (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry):
Small things matter: of phages and antibiotic resistance conferring plasmids


Organiser: Tero Ahola, Department of Food and Environmental Sciences
Phone: +358 50 448 5970, e-mail: tero.ahola(at)
8 attendances = 1 ECTS, own presentation = 1 ECTS
Maximum Virus Club credits = 3 ECTS

Training offered by YEB doctoral school

Courses offered by the Doctoral School in Environmental, Food and Biological Sciences (YEB) teach skills necessary for all professional researchers and experts in other scientific positions regardless of their scientific background. Please refer to the YEB doctoral school website for the most recent information on available courses. Further information about the courses can also be obtained from YEB's coordinator.

It is also advisable that all FoodHealth students join the YEB mailing list to stay up-to-date on YEB activities. Information on joining the mailing list is available here. The most popular courses may fill up in few hours so follow actively your email and YEB website to get the newest information on course registration.

Events taking place at the Viikki campus are listed in this calendar (however, most info is not up-to-date)

  • Cell Biology Club (by ILS doctoral programme )
  • Developmental biology journal club
  • Genome club
  • Food Science seminar series


    Many courses relevant for MBDP doctoral candidates are organised all over the world.

    You may find interesting and useful courses among these:

    • PhD courses organised by the NOVA network
      The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine are members of the NOVA (The Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network). Students of member faculties may participate on NOVA courses free of charge (travel and accommodation not included).
    • NorDoc – Nordic Doctoral Training in Health Sciences network provides doctoral training courses in health offered by the NorDoc partner organisations
    • PhD courses organised by other doctoral programmes and schools
    • Information skills courses by the Helsinki University Library
    • Career planning courses by the University of Helsinki Career Services
    • You may also find relevant courses in the Master’s Programmes of the University of Helsinki.
    • Or you can search from all University of Helsinki courses in English.
    • CSC – IT center for science arranges many kinds of courses and workshops
    • See national course list, for example, in FinBioNet (Finnish Doctoral Programme Network in Life Sciences) page → FinBioNet course calendar