Progress of each PhD student in DENVI is monitored with the help of annual thesis advisory committee meetings. The task of the committee is to support the PhD student in both scientific and other issues; to identify any potential problems; and to ensure that the personal study plan is being adhered to and if necessary to help with the necessary adjustments of this to enable the PhD project to be completed within four years.

Two external members in addition to the doctoral candidate and supervisor(s) make up the follow-up group. Although you and your supervisor are free to choose the external members, please bear in mind the rules and regulations of the university and the faculty from where your PhD degree will be granted (updated 1.8.2017).

Thesis advisory committee meetings with the students (in person) should aim to take place once a year. New students must ensure that the first meeting takes place within four months of receiving post-graduate study rights.

A progress report and summary of the meetings should be written on  separate electronic forms. Please fill in the progress report at least two weeks before the thesis advisory committee meeting, download the report for yourself as instructed on the form and email it to the committee members. The coordinator of DENVI will automatically get a copy of the report.

Please fill in the two first sections of the summary form already before the meeting. The third section should be filled in during the meeting.