Courses, general competence studies and other events

DENVI Orientation (DENVI-001)
For more information about DENVI orientation please contact the DENVI office (denvi-info(at)

DENVI course 2020 (DENVI-503)
Writing course in Lahti
Time: 19 February - 17 June
Place: Lahti (update 18th March - meetings suspended for the moment due to Covid-19)
Teacher: Johan Kotze
Registration open in WebOodi from 20th January

DENVI methods 2020 (DENVI-301)
Introduction to the modelling of marine ecosystems for marine environmental scientists and biologists
Teacher: Letizia Tedesco

DENVI Writing Retreat Spring 2020 (DENVI-010)
Place: Lammi Biological Station

DENVI Annual Meeting 2020
Wednesday 20th May
Update 20.3.2020: Online meeting to be organised using a digital platform such as Zoom