Courses, transferable skills and other events

DENVI organises courses according to the curriculum of the doctoral programme.

Transferable skills courses are organised by all Doctoral Schools at the University of Helsinki.

DENVI Orientation (DENVI-001)
For more information about DENVI orientation please contact the DENVI office (denvi-info(at)

DENVI course 2020 (DENVI-503)
Writing course in Lahti
Time: 19 February - 17 June
Place: Lahti (update 18th March - meetings suspended for the moment due to Covid-19)
Teacher: Johan Kotze
Registration open in WebOodi from 20th January

DENVI methods 2020 (DENVI-301)
Introduction to the modelling of marine ecosystems for marine environmental scientists and biologists
Teacher: Letizia Tedesco

DENVI Writing Retreat Spring 2020 (DENVI-010)
Place: Lammi Biological Station

DENVI Annual Meeting 2020
Wednesday 20th May
Update 20.3.2020: Online meeting to be organised using a digital platform such as Zoom