During the academic year 2019-2020 the University of Helsinki has five the admission periods listed below. Each doctoral programme can decide which ones they use in their own admissions. All YEB doctoral programmes accept applications in the September round. Which other rounds are in use varies depending on the programme. Please, check the admissions instructions of your chosen doctoral programme to see when you can apply.

During the academic year 2019-2020 the University of Helsinki admission periods are as follows:

3–17 September 2019
5–19 November 2019 (only some doctoral programmes)
4–18 February 2020 (only some doctoral programmes)
1–15 April 2020 (only some doctoral programmes)
20–31 July 2020 (only graduates of the University of Helsinki, only some doctoral programmes)

Please, start preparing your application well in advance before the next round of applications following these instructions and the guidelines of your chosen doctoral programme.

University-funded salaried doctoral candidate positions

Once a year in September, the University of Helsinki also offers salaried doctoral candidate positions. The salaried position only includes an employment contract. In addition to this, you should apply for a study right if you don’t already have one. In that case it is advisable to apply for the salaried position and the study right at the same time.