Presentation of boats

TZS has several boats / vessels for coastal research.

R/V AUGUSTA: R/V Augusta is a 18.5 long catamaran, built in 2019 by Kewatec AluBoat (Kokkola, Finland) with a cruising speed of 18 knots. The vessel has a wet laboratory with fume hood cabinet, a climate chamber for sample incubation and a fridge and freezer for sample storage. The vessel has a dry lab with a large screen for presentations and own Wi-Fi net and monitor systems for basic environmental data. The vessel carries standard sampling equipment such as water samplers, plankton nets, sediment corers and grabs, dredges and trawls, and handheld probes (CTD, oxygen). It has capability for small-scale moorings and deployments up to 1000 kg: Fassi-type crane on aft deck with capacity of 1000 kg with 60m wire and 500 kg with 200m wire. Fassi-type crane on fore deck with capacity of 300 kg and 150 m wire. Capstan and rope lock for buoy anchor handling and also a smaller boom for handheld samplers. The crew consists of a skipper and one engineer. Augusta is booked by contacting the skippers at TZS and planning the usage with them.

J.A Palmén (Kulkuri 34): J.A. Palmén (JAP) is a 10.3 m long vessel with large open deck area for working, warm cabin and a toilet on board. The large deck makes sampling from the boat easy and convenient. JAP can carry up to 12 passengers and it has a march speed of 17.5 knots. J.A. Palmén is booked by contacting the skippers at TZS and planning the usage with them.

R/V SAGA: R/V Saga is an air-cushion vehicle (hover craft) for transports on ice and water. Big doors and walk-around deck make Saga suitable for sampling also in open-water conditions. Saga is equipped with a warn-winch in the bow and also an arm for water sampling as well as a ladder for divers. Saga can take up to 7 passengers or 700 kg payload in area 3. Saga’s speed and range are very dependent on wind and ice conditions; this needs to be discussed with the skipper when planning a trip. Saga is booked by contacting the skippers at TZS and planning the usage with them.

9 - PALJU (Pioner Multi 5.3): Palju can carry up to 7 passengers in area 1 and 5 passengers in area 2 and it is especially good for diving. It has a flat bottom and large open area for working. In the front of the boat is a hatch that can be lowered down on the sea level for easy access in to the water and back.

8 - LOTA (Terhi 600): Lota has an inboard diesel motor and even if it is a slightly slower boat it has a proper ladder for divers and it can carry up to 10 passengers (or 6 divers). It is e.g. suitable for larger groups when working on the islands nearby the station or for courses.

7 - SEISKA (Pellinki 465 R): Seiska has a 25hp engine and it carries 5 passengers (3 divers). It has no swimming ladder and is most suitable for sampling from the boat or going to the nearby islands.

6 - BUSTER (Buster L): Buster L has a 60 hp engine. It is fast and easy to maneuver even in a bit windy conditions. Buster can carry up to 6 passengers (3 divers) and it has a small swimming ladder to climb in from the water.

5 - RAKETTI (Pellinki 465 R): Raketti is for similar use as Seiska. It has a 20hp engine and it carries up to 5 passengers (3 divers). Raketti has no swimming ladder.

2 & 3 & 4 - LINDER (Linder 400 Sportsman): The Linders have 9.9 hp engines and they are good when sampling in the local area around TZS. Linders carry up to 4 passengers (2 divers).

1 - MINIBUSTER: Mini Buster has an electrical engine. When using the Mini Buster you should stay within rowing distance from the station.

ROWING BOATS 1-4: Rowing boats can be used freely by those visiting TZS. Rowing boats need to be booked in advance via the online booking system.