Station foreman nominated as a County hero

Taita Research Station foreman was nominated as one of Taita Taveta County Heroes during the Mashujaa Day celebrations in Kenya on 20 October 2020.

Taita Research Station foreman, Mr. Mwadime Mjomba, was nominated and awarded as one of Taita Taveta County Heroes for the year 2020 due to his contribution towards national development and international cooperation during the National Heroes’ Day (Mashujaa) celebrations in Kenya on 20 October.

Mr. Mjomba has helped facilitate different on-the-ground activities such as installation of equipment, data collection, capacity building, and dissemination of results in many research and development projects of the University of Helsinki and other research organizations in Kenya. His expertise and knowledge of the operational environment in the Taita Taveta County has greatly enhanced the Taita Research Station’s networks and cooperation with local government and civil society organizations contributing to the increased societal impact of our research.