Mount Saana trace fossils

Trace fossils are preserved in places where subsequent mountain-forming forces did not destroy the original structure of the Cambrian sediments. These trace fossils record the oldest burrowing and grazing activity of animals on Earth.

In this recorded webinar you will get an overview into the geological history of the Kilpisjärvi area and you will find out what is so special about the trace fossils that can be found on the foothills of Saana. The webinar covers an introduction into the main rock types present in the area, and an introduction to the geological history with focus on the mountain forming events. The trace fossils, which can be found in the area, record a time interval from circa 540 million years ago, when animals for the first time became ecologically important. In the webinar you will learn about this critical interval of the history of life by reserarcher Björn Kröger from the University of Helsinki.