Staying at Lammi Biological Station

Welcome to Lammi Biological Station (LBS), we hope you enjoy your stay!


To help you orient yourself and to find the location of LBS main area, please see the map to the left.


Rooms vary from simple dormitory style accommodation to larger apartment type housing with private kitchen and bath. An idyllic cottage is also available for rent, which is an ideal place for a writing retreat or when researchers have their family along.

We are happy to accommodate your guests during your stay at the station. Please notify the office before they arrive. Guests are required to register and pay for accommodation while here.

Visitors are provided with bed sheets and towels, but you may wish to save on the cost of accommodation and bring your own sheets along. Please note that sleeping bags are not allowed on the Station’s beds. For a small fee, visitors can use the washing machine that is located in the Piikala dormitory.

If you have reserved a room for a long period of time (e.g., the entire summer), it is important that we are notified if you are away from the Station. Due to limited dormitory space it may be necessary to store your belongings elsewhere during your absence. While you are away, you can use the storage lockers in the basement of Herrala to store your possessions.


The Station has an excellent cafeteria which can provide three meals a day, or kitchen staff can pack field lunches for researchers if requested.

Please notify us before your arrival any dietary requirements and food allergies you may have.

Meal times: The cafeteria is open on weekdays (weekends and holidays upon request).

Breakfast      8:00-9:00

Lunch            12:00-13:00

Coffee           14:30-15:00

Dinner           17:00-18:00 (when available)

Computers, printing and WiFi

The Station’s computers can be used by guests. You may use your Helsinki University AD account or the guest account (look next to the computer for the username and password). If you have a University of Helsinki copy card printing is possible by selecting the Station’s copy machines by selecting the Siperiankuusi printer (machines are located upstairs in the library and downstairs next to the front office) from the print window and follow the instructions found next to the computer. Guests may also print using the computer located in the lobby of the main building.

Wireless internet is available through Helsinki University’s HupNet, as well as Eduroam. Guests from other Finnish post-secondary institutions can access HupNet through the HAKA link on the HupNet page. Guests from other Universities abroad can usually access the net through Eduroam. 

If you cannot access HupNet or Eduroam it is possible to get a temporary account. Contact: John Loehr


Individuals can pay for services bought at the station at the office in the main building. The office is open from 9:00 am until 15:30 during weekdays. Payments can be made in cash or by card. 

Door codes and alarms

You will be given a door code that gives you access to the main building, student dormitory and sauna. If you need access to the laboratory or equipment room, ask for the codes from station administration. If you lock yourself out of your room outside of office hours, call this number: +358 (0)50 565 8453 (a fee for opening the door will be levied).

IMPORTANT: Use only the Station’s main door outside of regular office hours. Using other doors will set off an alarm. Leaving the main door open for extended times will also trigger an alarm. Also remember to close windows when leaving the building in the evening.

There is a gate blocking the road from the Station down to the dock. Be aware that the gate is locked outside of office hours. If you need to access the area outside of office hours, ask LBS administration for a key.