Practical information

Contact Information:

Address: Lammi Biological Station, Pääjärventie 320, 16900 Lammi, Finland

Reception: +358 02 941 40733, lammi-info@helsinki.

fi, Mon. to Fri. 8:00-15:45

Research co-ordinators:

John Loehr, +358 (0)50 415 1726,

Tiina Tulonen, +358 (0)50 357 3126,

Help outside of regular office hours: +358 (0)50 565 8453

Getting to the Station

Lammi Biological Station is 4 km from the centre of Lammi and 2 km from Highway 12. A route from the highway to LBS is indicated by the road sign “Biologinen asema 2". When coming from Helsinki by public transport, it is usually best to come by bus or train to Lahti, and continue by bus to Lammi. Train time tables are available here: and bus time tables here: There are four possible bus stops to get off at when coming to Lammi, and if you are searching for possible connections between Lahti (travel center) and Lammi, it is often best to search each of these destinations separately:

  1. ‘Biologinen asema (Hämeenlinna)’ is the stop right in front of the station, but buses are very infrequent.
  2. ‘Biologinen asema th (Hämeenlinna)’ is at the intersection of Highway 12 and Pääjärventie, and is 2 km the Station.
  3. Lammi Kirkkokallio (Hämeenlinna) is about 3 km from the Station on highway 12. This stop is often the best option when coming on the weekend.
  4. Lammi linja-autoasema (Hämeenlinna) is in the center of Lammi and is about 4 km from the Station.

Door codes, alarm, keys etc.:

You will be given a door code that gives you access to the main building, student dormitory and sauna. If you need access to the laboratory or equipment room, ask for the codes from John Loehr or Tiina Tulonen. If you lock yourself out of your room outside of office hours, call the number listed above (a fee for opening the door will be levied).

IMPORTANT: Use only the Station’s main door outside of regular office hours. Using other doors will set off an alarm. Leaving the main door open for extended times will also trigger an alarm. Also remember to close windows when leaving the building in the evening.

There is a gate blocking the road from the Station down to the dock (see map). Be aware that the gate is locked outside of office hours. If you need to access the area outside of office hours, ask Tiina Tulonen or John Loehr for a key.

Accommodation and cafeteria:

When booking accommodation please contact the Station’s reception well ahead of time. The Station also has pet rooms if you wish to bring yours along. Please be sure to ask well in advance about their availability.

Rooms vary from simple dormitory style accommodation to larger apartment type housing with private kitchen and bath. An idyllic cottage is also available for rent, which is an ideal place for a writing retreat or when researchers have their family along.

We are happy to accommodate your guests during your stay at the station. Please notify the office before they arrive. Guests are required to register and pay for accommodation while here.

Visitors are provided with bed sheets and towels, but you may wish to save on the cost of accommodation and bring your own sheets along. Please note that sleeping bags are not allowed on the Station’s beds. For a small fee, visitors can use the washing machine that is located in the Piikala dormitory.

If you have reserved a room for a long period of time (e.g., the entire summer), it is important that we are notified if you are away from the Station. Due to limited dormitory space it may be necessary to store your belongings elsewhere during your absence.

Please notify us before your arrival any dietary requirements you may have, and whether you will be bringing your own bed sheets.

The Station has an excellent cafeteria which can provide three meals a day, or kitchen staff can pack field lunches for researchers if requested.

Meal times: The cafeteria is open on weekdays (weekends and holidays upon request).

Breakfast 8:00-9:00

Lunch 12:00-13:00

Coffee 14:30-15:00

Dinner 17:00-18:00 (when available)


The Station’s computers can be used by guests. You may use your Helsinki University AD account or the guest account (look next to the computer for the username and password). If you have a University of Helsinki copy card printing is possible by selecting the Station’s copy machines by selecting the Siperiankuusi printer (machines are located upstairs in the library and downstairs next to the front office) from the print window and follow the instructions found next to the computer. Guests may also print using the computer located in the lobby of the main building.

Wireless internet is available through Helsinki University’s HupNet, as well as Eduroam. Guests from other Finnish post-secondary institutions can access HupNet through the HAKA link on the HupNet page. Guests from other Universities abroad can usually access the net through Eduroam. Eduroam must be set up on your computer at your home institution before coming to the Station.

If you cannot access HupNet or Eduroam it is possible to get a temporary account. Contact: John Loehr


Our laboratory has a large range of equipment and measuring devices, and is especially well equipped for water analyses. After an orientation to the laboratory has been completed, researchers can perform their own analysis in the lab. It is also possible that our lab staff performs analyses for you. Please contact Tiina Tulonen for more details.


We have a broad range of academic journals and books that are available to visitors. The library functions on a self-serve basis and users are responsible for placing books back in their appropriate places. When borrowing material from the library, please use the sign out book located on the side desk. Material loaned from the library may not be taken from the Station. Contact John Loehr for questions about the library.

Office space, transportation and equipment use:

Researchers can book office space for their stay at the Station, and a computer can be arranged depending upon availability.

Researchers have access to the Station’s vehicles, snow mobiles, motorboats, rowboats and canoe, and there is a very diverse range of field equipment and instruments available for use. Our staff is also experienced in building custom made equipment for field work, and can make equipment to order if desired.

Please book equipment and vehicles well in advance to ensure that you will have them for your stay. Once you arrive at the Station it is necessary to fill out the vehicle/boat permit form, and you must be briefed on the equipment and vehicles before they are used. Contact John Loehr or Tiina Tulonen.

Social and free-time activities:

The Station’s row boats and canoe can be used free of charge during your spare time. Please ask about lifejackets, keys and row boat availability from John or Tiina.

We have 11 bicycles that visitors can borrow. Ask John or Tiina for the bicycle lock combination. Bicycle helmets can be borrowed from John.

The Station has a 1.8 km long nature trail that winds through the forest on our property (See map). Please be aware that Station’s forest is protected under Finnish law.

Welcome to the researcher coffee break weekdays at 10:00 am in the downstairs lab coffee room.

The researcher sauna is held on most weeks on Tuesday evening beginning at 19:00. Ask the staff about men’s and women’s times.

Please see the map below for a popular walking / jogging route used by residents at the Station.