MSc thesis in project studying invertebrate diversity in lawns

The aim of this project is to study invertebrate diversity in lawns turned into meadows with different methods.

Experimental plots are situated in Lepaa and the headquarters of fieldwork is at the Lammi Biological Station. Experimental plots are constructed in 2019 and the first samples are collected in 2020, meaning that the data for the thesis is already secured, even if the sample collection in this summer fails for some reason. Idea is to continue to investigate the biodiversity in 2021 and see whether it has been changed over the years. Fieldwork in takes ca. 2-3 days per month starting in the middle of June. Last sampling occasion is in the end of September/beginning of October. One month’s salary is paid for the fieldwork.

Lisätietoja/more information: Janne Sundell,, p. 050-4151723