Field courses are an integral part of studies in biological and environmental sciences. Specialised courses are arranged at Lammi Biological Station (LBS) as well as at our sister stations Tvärminne and Kilpisjärvi.

Lammi Biological Station hosts introductory and advanced courses in terrestrial and freshwater ecology. Each year around 20 courses in bio-, geo- and environmental sciences at the University of Helsinki are organised at the station. In addition, courses are organised by other institutions, such as the open university, universities of applied sciences, high schools, and other universities. Also non-biology courses and seminars can be organised at LBS.

When planning a course, please contact our secretary Leena Tolonen ( well in advance to make a reservation. 

  • 12. – 23.3. Winter limnology course 
    (UH Lauri Arvola)
  • 2. – 6.5. Sedimentologian kenttäkurssi 
    (HY/Geotieteiden ja maantieteen laitos/ Seija Kultti)
  • 7. – 11.5 Clastic Sedimentology 
    (HY/Geotieteiden ja maantieteen laitos)
  • 14. – 25.5. Maantieteen kenttäkurssi 
    (HY/Geotieteiden ja maantieteen laitos / Olli Ruth)
  • Finnish Summer School on Probability Theory and Statistics 
    (HY/Mathematics and Statistics /Dario Gasbarra)
  • 28.5. – 1.6 Vesistöjen optiikka -kurssi 
    (JYU/Anssi Vähätalo)
  • 4. – 15.6. Ekologian kenttäkurssi - elinympäristöt ja lajisto 
    (HY/LUOMUS/Sanna Laaka-Lindberg)
  • 25.6. – 13.7.  Ekologisen tutkimuksen kenttäkurssi
    (HY/Biotieteiden laitos/ Heikki Hirvonen)
  • 12. – 17.8. Akvaattisten tieteiden kenttäkurssi 
    (HY/Ympäristötieteiden laitos/Leena Nurminen)