Hyytiälä is located in the middle of state-owned forests and peatlands with access to many types of habitats and facilities that enable research and education related to Nordic boreal forest zone. The station operates actively around the year and contributes to several international research infrastructures through its comprehensive long-term observations.
Research Infrastructure

Negotiable research access and sampling permits to nearly 40 km2 of surrounding state-owned forests, peatlands and small lakes. Significant nature conservation areas nearby.

Long-term field measurement sites provide useful information for field studies. Information is available on tree and forest development, management history and experimental treatments. Data on forest types, species composition, stand characteristics etc. available.

SMEAR II: Station for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relations (1995-) includes a 128 m measurement mast and measurement towers within and above tree canopy. The station continuously monitors forest ecophysiology and productivity, soil and water balance, meteorology, solar and terrestrial radiation, fluxes, ambient concentrations, atmospheric aerosols and deposition. Similar processes are being monitored also in a nearby lake and peatland area. Data is available online.

Living Lab is the latest addition to the infrastructures at Hyytiälä. It will provide possibilities for investigating the status of the new wooden buildings constructed during 2021-2023 and the well-being of people using the premises.

Facilities for Research

Hyytiälä can provide

  • Lecture rooms, equipment, laboratory, wood and metal workshops, accommodation, catering, transportation
  • Equipment for forest mensuration, and for collecting, processing and measuring samples of material from trees and other plants
  • Laboratory for basic analyses and for pre-treatment and storage of samples for later processing
  • Good choice of forest industry located nearby
  • Central location within Finland

Hyytiälä is a member in the network of Finnish research stations, which can be used for field activities as a whole.

Research and Groups Active at Hyytiälä

Ecosystem processes are being studied at several field sites around Hyytiälä. They cover phenomena taking place in forests, peatlands and lakes.

Hyytiälä station encompasses the SMEAR II infrastructure (Station for Measuring Forest Ecosystem - Atmosphere Relations), which serves to provide continuous and comprehensive measurements of fluxes, storages and concentrations of important substances in the land ecosystem–atmosphere interactions. The functioning of trees, soil processes and their relationships with the atmospheric processes have been monitored since 1995. Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) is responsible for operating the SMEAR-station.

Methods of remote sensing have been investigated for many purposes at the field sites around Hyytiälä. Different attributes of vegetation have been measured with instruments covering the full range from portable handheld devices, through unmanned and manned aerial vehicles, to satellite imagery.

The Department of Forest Sciences at the University of Helsinki and other collaborators also have ongoing research at the Station.

Participation in International Infrastructures
Open data