Banquets and Parties
Due to its intimate and peaceful location, open space and versatile arrangements, Hyytiälä makes a convenient place for various types of festive events.

The old dining hall is a traditional place for festive occasions and has served as such for over 100 years. Portable furniture enables flexible space arrangements and provides a dining seat for about 90 persons. Adjacent to dining hall, there are a couple of cabinets, a kitchen, entrance hall, toilets and a veranda. The hall is equipped with an audio system and a videoprojector.

The new dining building will also provide an impressive place for various occasions after its completion in 2023. The main hall seats 72 persons and the adjacent multi-function room together with a dining cabinet and a loft provide additional seats rising the capacity to more than one hundred persons. An adjacent terrace and a patio provide possibilities for additional arrangements. All the facilities can be linked to a common audio system. Video screens are available in the multi-function room, the dining cabinet and the loft.