Research services

Research services provide support, communicate and advice in issues related to research funding, including strategic planning, training of needed competences, proposal preparation and help during submission phase. Legal services advice researchers during the negotiation phase and provide services in legal issues related to research, while business collaboration fosters the industry academia partnerships and nurture research-based entrepreneurial activities. At the University of Helsinki, innovation and commersialisation services are provided by Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd.

Our aims are to foster researchers' competences to succeed in funding competitions, to increase the number of high-quality research funding applications, streamline university's internal application processes, provide tools for risk-free research contracts and to provide solid base for the utilisation of research results. Proactive discussions with the funders and research funding policymakers are an integral part of our activities.

Research services are provided both centrally and decentrally, in collaboration with the campus service centres.

The actual services are on university's infranet Flamma. Those include for instance funder-specific guidelines, elements of a successful application, administrative information etc (tämä kesken).

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