New development cooperation project aims to strengthen the capacity of teacher education and institutional management in Kenya

HEI ICI, a higher education development co-operation programme funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, has granted funding for a project led by Seija Karppinen for the period from 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2024. The project is implemented in co-operation with Finnish and Kenyan universities.

TOTEMK - Train­ing Train­ers for Teacher Education and Man­age­ment in Kenya pro­ject consortium project, led by University Lecturer Seija Karppinen, is developing teacher training at universities around Kenya. The project will strengthen the capacity of teacher education and institutional management in Kenya and get more teachers for the labour market that is competent to deliver Competency Based Curriculum in the Kenyan schools. The TOTEMK project strongly contributes to well-functioning, relevant and accessible higher education to the students by modernizing partner country’s higher education institutions’ teacher education, responding to the learning and teaching crisis and developing students’ learning to respond to current education needs

In the short term, the project contributes to improving institutional management and teaching capacity in Kenyan higher education institutions. The learning and teaching crisis will be jointly addressed among Kenyan and Finnish partners in socially and culturally sensitive ways. 

The project is done in collaboration with Finnish (University of Helsinki, Laurea University of Applied Sciences) and Kenyan (University of Nairobi, Strathmore University, Pwani University) universities.

11.2 mil­lion euros for nine HEI ICI pro­jects

The higher education development cooperation programme HEI ICI (Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument) granted funding for a total of nine projects to develop the distance learning capacity of higher education institutions in the Global South and to support wider access to higher education for students. The themes of the projects are tackling the global learning crisis, mitigating and adapting to climate change, and developing innovation and employment.