Brining new ideas into pedagogical leadership and educational management in TOTEMK's third training of trainers

TOTEMK project held its third training of trainers in April. Around 60 teacher educators from around Kenya came to the University of Nairobi to learn and discuss the theme of pedagogical leadership and management in schools.

The three day intensive training was organized in collaboration with the University of Nairobi, University of Helsinki and Pwani University. During the training, participants engaged in lectures by Tapio Lahtero and Kirsi-Marja Heikkinen from the University of Helsinki and Andrew Riechi from the University of Nairobi handling themes from direct and indirect pedagogical leadership to how to increase the revenue for educational funding. Participants also gathered for discussions in workshops that continued on the lecture themes.

The training continued with a ten week remote learning period during which participants of the training organized two learning cafes for their colleagues to discuss educational leadership and its surrounding themes. The fourth and also the final training of trainers will be held physically in Nairobi in November 2022. The training will focus on the social-cultural issues to empower teachers' work and support them in the process of implementing the competency based curriculum.