Improved educational leadership in compulsory schools (Output 5)

Bridging the university level developments into compulsory and secondary schools is crucial and requires special attention paid to the educational leadership in Palestinian schools.

Principals do not necessary have a strong pedagogical leadership role whereas the school inspectors play an important role in schools.

From the previous experience it is known that principal’s pedagogical leadership and strengthening this role is an important part of principal’s work as the leader of the school. As a pedagogical leader, principal’s aim is to ensure the fulfillment of curriculum requirements. This means supporting the learning and development of pupils, teachers and the whole school community. Pedagogical leadership is not a separated part of school’s leadership but should be viewed as broad based pedagogical leadership. The framework of broad based pedagogical leadership includes both technical and human leadership. It contains direct pedagogical leadership, indirect technical leadership and indirect pedagogical leadership of school community. These three elements form the basis of principal’s leadership. The research has shown that pupils’ learning outcomes are most significantly improved by focusing the leadership on the following items: supporting teachers’ development, setting aims and expectations, strengthening curriculum planning, coordination and evaluation, providing strategical resources and strengthening the learning environment. Through principal’s leadership, school's values become visible.

Activity of Output 5