Achieving Teacher Education Diploma through blended learning (Output 4)

In Teacher Education Diploma joint modules for all teacher students like Practical Teacher Education (Practicum), Educational Foundations for Teacher Education, Educational Theory and Assessment and Evaluation are developed.

Also science teacher education courses are developed (see also Output 3). Diploma is updated towards virtual teacher education diploma with a new way to deliver the courses. The renewing is based on pedagogical approach (see output 2) that makes use of blended learning (BL) and flipped learning (FL) and also Technological and Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework which takes into account the application of the digital technologies and their interaction with pedagogy and content knowledge (see Activity 3 and 4). Emphasis on the virtual teacher education diploma is on collaborative approaches like peer mentoring and peer learning. A blended practicum will enable an active interaction between government schools and universities.

Activities of Output 4