What happens now?

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free” -- Frederick Douglass

OLIVE project regularly hosts pedagogical cafes with discussions over a pedagogical theme at ease. Although this is not a regular morning, our team gathered around the Pedagogical café this Tuesday. Members from the four universities in Palestine and Finland were present. We shared stories and testimonies with memories from childhood and hopes for a future. The emotions were powerful from the relief that colleagues from Gaza had electricity & internet connectivity to join despite the despair and anger of the war situation.

The question: "Why?" remains unanswered.

But the action plan is clear.

We continue with the work we do best: we read, we write, we teach, and we research.

Despite the horror taking place at the moment, we hold on to the truth that “education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world” as Nelson Mandela said it.

Our work in OLIVE project is more important than ever.

Stay safe.