What does life and education in emergencies and war situation look like? A glimpse into life in the West Bank

OLIVE project and Researchers for Palestine discussion, academics' and students' life in Palestinian Universities, 15 December 2023
An overall picture of the bleak situation in the West Bank and Birzeit University came up.

With the opportunity of Ahmad Al Janazrah, OLIVE* project coordinator for Birzeit University in the West Bank, visiting Finland and the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

Life of academics and students is no exception with many getting arrested and killed, no reason or justice. To make matters even worse, academics have to live on reduced salaries because of the war, which comes on top of an already shrinking income.

As the attacks and atrocities over human and non-human beings and the environment is ongoing in Gaza and the West Bank, the threats against both ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ and the risk to impoverish the Palestinian people increases.

Women’s agricultural cooperatives in small town around Ramallah are noticeable examples of Palestinian initiative for community development with sustainable ways of production and entrepreneurship. As the olive harvest, a basic ingredient of many of the cooperative’s products, not only has been disrupted but also destroyed, the livelihood of the women and their families is faced with serious and imminent threat.

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