Olive project members met with the representative from the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation

Anne Tastula from the Finnish Lifelong Learning introduced the foundation's projects and possible areas for collaboration were discussed.

On a meeting held on 2 March Olive project members learned about Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundations' projects in Palestine. The foundation has trained local citizens in Palestine together with Birzeit University about media literacy, including training of social media skills, fact checking and ethics of journalism, with the help of Finnish journalists . Their projects have increased the number of trained educators in Palestine and the awareness of Palestine in Finland due to Finnish journalists' presence in the area. In addition, an online Media Guide about new journalism and media ethics was published as a product of the projects. 

One of the main aims of the meeting was to discuss the possible areas for future collaboration. This led to a lively discussion with the ideas ranging from joint use of materials to Olive providing the foundation with pedagogical assistance in training of trainers. It was seen that Olive can also benefit the Digital Media Diploma at Birzeit University by creating various e-learning methods and materials.