OLIVE Project, activities and updates

The activities of OLIVE project continue through Summer 2022 leading to joint planning in Autumn 2022. Online learning modules with a focus on up-to-date, cross-cutting themes on the way.

OLIVE project activities included staff exchanges to the West Bank and Birzeit University and Helsinki University. The exchanges followed the visits of staff from Al-Azhar University in Gaza and Birzeit University in the West Bank, in Spring 2022.

The main purpose of the exchanges is to strengthen and expand collaboration and update the platforms of communication to best meet the purposes of the project for the digitalization of Higher Education curricula and revisiting mentoring practices.  

The visits and exchanges aim to be holistic experiences, combining meetings at the workplace and other work-related environments with informal and cultural events. In this way, a deeper understanding of backgrounds is targeted, and a space of mutuality and shared orientations is built.  

For more about the exchange to Birzeit University in June 2022, check the new post on OLIVE project blog: Visiting Ramallah and Birzeit – a road trip.