Finland-HK Summit released a White Paper on AI and 5G

Finland-Hong Kong Summit White paper

On Tuesday 5 March 2019, the University of Helsinki and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), in collaboration with Business Finland, held the Finland-Hong Kong Summit on Artificial Intelligence and 5G for Smart and Sustainable Cities.

The agenda of this summit focused on four different research tematics ranging from system architectures to human-AI interaction. The summit allowed to envision a synergy between academy, industry and government to promote new business opportunities that can boost the development of the region and position it as leader on AI and 5G research. In addition, the summit provided relevant key insights regarding the current state of the technologies and ongoing effort and research directions.

Both Finland and Hong Kong envisions AI and 5G as the prominent technologies to build the next generation of intelligent services for smart cities. The most critical gaps that require attention to accelerate the innovation process of AI and 5G solutions were identified during the summit and composed in the following white paper.


Finland-Hong Kong White Paper on AI and 5G