EXPRECCE visited Plzeň on October 23–26, 2023

The visit was organized by the University of West Bohemia and the CCS-Lab.

The EXPRECCE team participated in a workshop Computers, Historical Texts, and Early Christians: Research on Early Christianity in the Digital Age.  This workshop was part of the project's visit to the University of West Bohemia. The visit aimed to strengthen research collaboration between researchers from the two institutions in the area of computational and cultural evolutionary approaches to early Christianity and religious history more general.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the visit was to familiarize the project's members with a dataset of lemmatized ancient Greek texts called LAGT: https://zenodo.org/records/4971946. This was constructed and maintained by Vojtěch Kaše, the head of CCS-Lab. He generously and patiently guided the participants to the secrets of this text corpus. This dataset forms the base of EXPRECCE's own corpus which is under construction at the moment. This corpus is then utilized by the members of EXPRECCE in their computer-assisted analyses that use different quantitative approaches to the texts of early Christianity.

Thankfully, there was also time to relax and visit the tourist attractions of Prague while enjoying some good food. 

EXPRECCE wishes to thank the University of West Bohemia and the CCS-Lab! We had an enjoyable and very informative trip to your lovely country. Hope to see you all soon again.