Automatic feedback about vocabulary and grammar in Swedish

DigiTala researcher Yaroslav Getman presents a tool providing automatic feedback about the grammar and vocabulary of Swedish for the language learners.

In his study, Getman develops a tool that provides automatic feedback for language learners about their vocabulary and grammar. The system points out erroneous words or word sequences from text and suggests how to correct them. The tool can also be used for providing feedback on spoken language, given that speech has first been transcribed into text using automatic speech recognition, for example.  

The tool was developed with language models that were trained using Swedish language corpora. The feedback consists of alternative word and word sequence suggestions as well as highlighting erroneous word inflections. Due to morphological richness of Swedish language, the tool does not yet recognise all possible forms of words – thus the development continues with larger language corpora.  

The research was presented in the Eighth Swedish Language Technology Conference in November 2020 and the article can be found here