Human rights education

The subproject on human rights education (HRE) examines the theoretical controversy between universal human rights and their critique (e.g. postcolonialist, feminist and antiracist critiques).

The purpose of this subproject is to clarify how the universalist and global aspirations of human rights education and global citizenship education can be reformulated in a way that critically considers human rights ideals and their applicability in diversifying societies. Through these considerations, pedagogical implications for critical HRE are researched to enable ways of educating that deconstruct inequalities. The subproject analyses foundations for democratic education that aims to support the pursuit of collective political goals in a morally sustainable way.

First part of the project has studied empirically the situation of HRE in teacher education and second part focuses on theoretical and pedagogical applications.

Tuija Kasa is primarily responsible for the research in this subproject. See her bio and researcher profile.