Carrying the doctoral hat and sword in the conferment festivities

This page provides instructions for carrying the doctoral hat and sword in the conferment ceremony.

Graduands cannot take part in the conferment ceremony without a doctoral hat and sword. Each graduand is responsible for the acquisition of a hat and a sword. The University has a limited number of doctoral swords, which it lends to participants in conferment ceremonies.

Doctoral graduates to be conferred with their degree will bring their hats and swords to the conferment ceremony rehearsal on Thursday and leave them at the University for the Friday ceremony. When the doctoral degree holders receive their doctoral hats and swords in the ceremony on Friday, they will then carry them at the conferment dinner and conferment ball, but not on the excursion. At the church during the service, the doctoral hat is not worn. However, the doctoral hat will not be removed from the head at the conferment dinner and conferment ball, even while eating.

The sword is attached to the left side of the waist with a buckle, belt or another attachment.

Guests and companions

Doctoral degree holders who have previously been conferred with their degree and who are guests at the conferment ceremony can take their doctoral hats with them to the ceremony as well as the dinner and ball, but their ceremonial dress does not include a sword. In the conferment ceremony, the hat is carried to the Great Hall on the left arm and placed on the head when the Conferrer places their hat on their head. Foreign doctoral hats are permitted as well. The companions of doctoral graduands, also known as sword-whetters, who hold a doctoral degree wear their doctoral hats at the conferment dinner and conferment ball, but not in the conferment ceremony.

The general rule for those wearing a doctoral hat is that the hat is worn always when the Conferrer wears his hat on his head.