Mia Puttonen

USP mia puttonen by Ilmari Fabritius

Mia Puttonen works as a coordinator for the Master’s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning. Her main responsibilities within the programme are course coordination, communications, marketing and activity planning. She aims to keep the USP spirit enthusiastic and innovative!

Mia is also starting her PhD studies within the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies. She has been part of an EU funded research project GREEN SURGE (2013-2017) to study the green infrastructure and biocultural diversity of cities in 11 European countries. Her Master's Thesis studied the role of Helsinki's urban parks as social public space. Mia's research interest lies in examining the different aspects of the lively city and how diverse open spaces, such as parks, can promote urban cultures. How people themselves can shape their city, is in the core of her interest. Currently Mia is involved in an EIT Climate KIC funded project Urban Oasis that examines the reuse of spaces for communal green urban living rooms.

You can reach Mia by email: mia.puttonen@helsinki.fi

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