Juanjo Galan Vivas

USP juanjo galan  by Ilmari Fabritius

Juanjo Galan Vivas is Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Department of Architecture at Aalto University. He has earned a Master's degree in landscape architecture at the Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. He did his doctoral dissertation on landscape planning at the Department of Urban Planning at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he spent ten years as teacher, researcher and as founder-coordinator of the Master in Landscape and Garden Design. During this period, Juanjo also developed an intense institutional and professional career as president of the Spanish Association of Landscape Architects, as external advisor of the Department of Regional Planning of the Valencian Autonomous Region and as director of the Galan Vivas landscape architecture practice.
Juanjo's research interests include landscape planning, regional and city planning, ecological planning, green infrastructures, landscape design, sustainable development, and urban and regional metabolism.

Juanjo Galan Vivas has been involved in several research projects, which include:

  • iWater Summer Schools (As part of the IWater Project_EU-Interreg), 2016
  • Regional Strategic Plan for the central area of the Sierra Calderona, 2013
  • Visual Landscape Plan for the Valencian Region (with Mr. Carl Steinitz and Arancha Muñoz). 2007
  • Coordinator of the AGDAL_International Project: Regional Study of the Zat Valley (Atlas Mountains, Morocco), 2007